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    OpenCart Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder

    Convert your OpenCart eCommerce store into PWA Mobile App & allow mobile users to quickly add web app and shop products on the go.

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Core Features

Some amazing features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App
Customizable Home Screen
No need to stick to fixed home screen layout. Change the appearance of PWA App anytime with DIY editor. Changes will automatically reflect on live app
Quick Installation With Social Login
Allow mobile shoppers to onboard and access app with just email sign up/login or via Google & Facebook Accounts. The PWA app will be installed on the device with just one-tap.
Real-time Synchronization
With 100% sync between website inventory and PWA, changes/additions will be automatically updated on app. No sort of manual update is required.
Personalized Push Notifications
Send push notifications on PWA app and notify users about the running sales and discounts. You can even automate notifications for order creation, update, abandoned cart reminder.
All Payment & Shipping Support
Offer same payment and shipping experience on PWA as of website. No sort of extra integration is required. Progressive web app will have all website payment options.
Offline Mode Working
The PWA Mobile App works even in offline mode (No internet connectivity). The pre-loaded screens can be accessed anytime.
Friendly Admin Panel
The Admin panel of OpenCart PWA Mobile App comes with all possible flexibilities and configuration control of web app.
White Label Solution
Final PWA mobile app will be fully branded to OpenCart store. There won't be any reference of our name in final web app.

Take a Quick OpenCart PWA App Tour

Watch video to explore the working and features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App and Admin Panel.
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Quick Glance At App Screens

Experience look and feel of our OpenCart PWA Mobile App with demo app snapshots.
  • Home Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Product Sorting
  • Product Filter
  • Product Screen
  • Navigation Menu
  • Login Screen
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shipping Address
  • Checkout Screen
  • Payment Screen
  • Order Details
  • My Account

Check Demo of OpenCart PWA Mobile App

OpenCart PWA Mobile App (Progressive Web App)


The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is the most prominent and no-code tool to convert your eCommerce store into a full-fledged web application. The OpenCart Progressive Web App is an user-centric & engaging platform that makes convenient for mobile users. Having a PWA Mobile App will allow the mobile audience to quickly add the web app onto their smartphones (just in a single tap) and start browsing and purchasing products. The Progressive Web App will work like any other shopping apps on the smartphones.

KnowBand, a leading eCommerce extension & mobile apps provider has come up with PWA Mobile App Builder for OpenCart stores. Our motto is to provide easy-to-use yet feature-rich extensions & tools that offer eCommerce businesses with a competitive edge. Despite providing various PWA customization options on the backend of the PWA Builder Extension, we try our best to minimize efforts of store admin.

Three simple steps to launch PWA:

Step 1: Purchase PWA extension & install on your store.

Step 2: Share required information with us.

Step 3: Review Opencart Progressive Web App and confirm to make it live.

Why Would You Need OpenCart PWA?

It is now an undeniable fact that mobile applications are one the most convenient ways to target the mobile device users. And we already are aware now that almost everyone in this world uses a mobile device (smartphones or tablets) more often than any other digital media. Progressive Web Apps give a huge opportunity here to the eCommerce business in terms of organically converting mobile app visitors to PWA Mobile App users. In many scenarios, it even turns out to be more productive than regular native mobile apps on the android & iOS app stores.

1. Easy Installation (No dependency on App Stores):

The Opencart PWA Mobile App comes with no interference or dependence on the Google Play/Apple App Stores. The users opening the website URL in mobile browser will simply get the option to "Add PWA To Home Screen" and web app will be added in one-tap only. The app will be added & work like any other app on the smartphone.

2. Friendly Admin Panel:

The OpenCart PWA App Builder comes with admin control of the applications. The extension will be installed on your store and can be used to make changes in live PWA web app. It allows the store admin to change colors, font, home screen appearance along with other settings. All the admin changes will be reflected automatically on live PWA.

3. Real Time Synchronization:

Both websites and PWA mobile app comes with real-time synchronization. All changes/additions made on the website inventory reflects automatically on the PWA Mobile App. No sort of manual effort is required by the store admin.

4. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App offers unlimited push notifications from the store admin panel. The mobile push notifications will be received by the users of PWA app. Both automated and manual notifications can be sent from the admin panel of PWA module.

5. Customizable Home Screen:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App comes with customizable home screen layout that allows the store admin to provide any look with available banners, sliders, products, categories, countdown timer elements etc. in the admin panel. The home screen of live PWA can be changed anytime as per any festival, occasions, sale, offers etc.

6. Multi-lingual & RTL Support:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App supports all sorts of languages and currencies. This allows the store admin to enhance their business reach with cross border selling.

7. Payment & Shipping Methods Support:

All sorts of payments and shipping methods actively working on your store will also be supported on OpenCart PWA Mobile App. No sort of extra integration is required.

8. Offline Mode Working:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App for OpenCart will even work flawlessly in slow or no internet connectivity. The users will be able to access pre-loaded screens on PWA mobile app even in no internet connectivity.

9. Quick Login Options:

Our PWA Mobile App comes with inbuilt Email signup and registration including social login options (Google & Facebook). This allows easy onboarding of the users.

10. White Label Solution:

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart is fully white label with complete branding of your store or business. The app name, logo, icon, color, splash screen etc. will be as per your business domain.

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