Why Should You Choose One Page Checkout for Your eCommerce Store?

One page checkout implies a client can buy an item/service utilizing one page checkout in particular. The Single Page Checkout is unique and significantly better than the old checkout framework that had countless pages to go to first before the genuine payment is gotten. It is proven that the eCommerce sites using this element have produced increased sales and continue to do the same.

It is very practical and user-friendly to incorporate minimal sections to be filled on the single checkout page rather than the multitude of them on multiple pages. There is no compelling reason to invest in long checkout measures since it has all things needed for a payment exchange on a single page.

Advantages of One Page Checkout:

1. Straightforward setup

As a reference, it has a straightforward setup. On the checkout page, you will discover all the data should have been rounded out for the exchange to experience charging data, dispatching data, transporting strategy, and the aggregate sum that should be paid.

So the solitary thing a client needs to do is placed in all the necessary data and that is about it. The least complex thing ever constructed for online business!

2. Easy and Quick

The simplified checkout really has numerous perks. For one, single page checkouts are quick. Clients just need to type in their basic data or log in with their social media accounts (then the basic details are not needed), and go forth with only a few steps to buy the product or services. There is no compelling reason to click on such countless things before the payment cycle is finished. 

Next, it is helpful. In the event that they are revisiting clients, their data is as of now stored someplace and they won’t need to experience the problem of rounding out data once more. When the website identifies that you are coming again (and not for the first time), it will consequently discover your data on the checkout page.

3. Improves Conversion Rate:

It ensures better conversion rates. In the conventional online checkout, it takes around 3-4 pages before the client can really purchase the product. This is clearly giving the clients more motivation to consider if they should purchase the product or not.

Studies show that half of the customers waiting for the payment to go through change their mind and as a result, it is a loss of sales. With a single-page checkout, individuals are not offered time to adjust their perspectives so you get more sales coming in your direction.

4. Less Clicks on the Checkout Page:

There are still some that argue about the productivity of a single page checkout. Many would state that it doesn’t actually diminish the time spent on the purchase since you need to enter a similar number of data in any case.

While this might be valid, it is as yet right to state that with a single page checkout, there is a lesser measure of clicks to be made, and certainly, you improve sales and revenue. With time, the design and the number of spaces to be filled are becoming lesser (like the one in the image below). 


With Single Page Checkout, you are guaranteed a superior experience for your clients. There is no requirement for them to hang tight for long before their payment has been prepared. Consumer loyalty is essentially expanded and with that, you will make certain to discover and hold more clients.

The route toward buying transforms into fairly outrageous for clients on various occasions. Along these lines, the web amasses reliably consider better and inventive decisions to make the acquisition of the customer basic and clear. Consequently, using different modules helps ensures basic checkout and faultless buy.

It helps in making it basic for the clients and all the while engages the merchant to support sales.

Knowband features One Page Checkout addon for platforms like PrestashopOpenCart, and Magento. The addon accelerates the checkout process of your eCommerce store and helps you get more successful online orders.

The addon helps to minimize the cart abandonment rate and improves the conversion rate on your eCommerce shop. You can also buy the One Page Checkout addon from the official Addon store.

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