Features that make the OpenCart Infinite Scroll module a must-have

The Infinite scroll is a suitable technique to keep visitors attracted and draw in on your eCommerce website. The OpenCart Infinite scroll module permits your audience brisk and basic induction to boundless proportions of information on your website. This makes a positive user experience and can help prolong the time they spend perusing your content and researching your site. Nevertheless, along with the upsides of infinite scroll, there can moreover be a couple of issues.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite scroll suggests only that a user can keep on scrolling infinitely without stopping to click on the next page. As opposed to a peruser showing up at the footer of a page and clicking through to another page, the OpenCart Infinite Scroll module enables the following course of action of information to just keep on loading. This infers that visitors never need to click to go to another page and the content will essentially keep on streaming continually as they scroll down. This could incorporate the following post on your blog or more things from your presentation.

Regardless of the way that it will in general be incredibly feasible, infinite scroll isn’t for everybody. Before you do the switch, it is worth first considering your audience similarly as such a site you run, to check whether both are suitable.

Features that make the Opencart fast scroll module a must-have

The module allows infinite scrolling

The OpenCart infinite scroll module allows the customers to browse the products on the website with infinite scrolling.

Automatic product loading

With the help of the OpenCart quick scroll module, the admin can set the products to load automatically without having to load the next page.

Availability of two scroll types – Infinite Scroll and Load More Products

The Opencart drop down scrolling module comes with two different scroll types – Infinite Scroll and Load More Products link. The store admin can set any of the two options on the front end. The Opencart infinite scrolling plugin offers compatibility with SEO-friendly URLs.

Easy to use admin interface

The admin interface of the Opencart quick scroll plugin is an easy-to-use module that needs no special knowledge for implementation.

‘Go To Top’ allows customers to go on the top of the page

The OpenCart infinite scroll plugin also features a ‘Go to Top’ link that once clicked will take the customers back to the top of the page.

SSL Compatibility

The Opencart module provides SSL compatibility.

Loader display can be enabled or disabled

This Opencart Infinite scroll showcases a loader while loading the next page products on the same page. The store admin can easily disable (or enable) this feature on the front-end.

That’s All Folks notification is displayed at the end of the page

Once the page actually ends and so do the products, the store admin displays a message at the end – That’s All Folks to notify the customers/visitors that the products have ended. The store admin can choose to display the product or service listings in List or Grid format on the front-end.

All-themes compatibility

The OpenCart fast scroll module is compatible with all the themes available on the OpenCart store. This way, the store admin can change the look and feel of the front-end for a smooth user experience.

Multi-Store Compatibility

The Opencart infinite scroll module offers multi-store compatibility.

Smooth working with other modules

The functionality of the Opencart quick scroll module ensures that the module doesn’t bug any other existing module on the OpenCart store.


With so many features, the OpenCart Infinite Scroll module is a fully customizable option that enhances the engagement of customers on your OpenCart store. Know more about the OpenCart endless scroll extension? Click below:

User manual

Admin demo

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