Transform Your OpenCart Experience with Knowband’s Loyalty Points & Discount Extension

Are you an OpenCart store owner looking for a fun and rewarding way to engage your customers? Look no further – Knowband’s Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension is here to add a sprinkle of excitement to your online shopping experience!

What’s Loyalty Points & Discount All About?

Imagine every purchase your customers make earning them points that they can later redeem for exciting discounts on their favorite products. That’s the magic of the Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension by Knowband. It’s like turning every purchase into a mini celebration where customers not only get what they love but also earn rewards for being loyal shoppers.

How It Works: The Magic Behind Loyalty Points

How It Works: The Magic Behind Loyalty Points with Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension by Knowband

Earn Points with Every Purchase:

Each time a customer buys something from your OpenCart store, they automatically earn loyalty points. It’s like a little ‘thank you’ for choosing your store.

Simple and Transparent System:

The Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension keeps it simple. Customers can easily see how many points they’ve earned and understand how much they are worth in discounts.

Redeem for Discounts:

Here’s the exciting part – customers can use their accumulated points to get discounts on their next purchases. It’s like having a secret stash of savings waiting to be used!

The Benefits for Your Customers:

1. Feel Appreciated:

Customers love to be appreciated. With loyalty points, each purchase becomes a way of saying ‘thank you’ to your customers for choosing your store.

2. Save Money:

Who doesn’t love a good discount? With the Opencart Reward & Loyalty Points extension, these points transform into real savings, encouraging customers to keep coming back for more.

3. Interactive Shopping Experience:

The thrill of earning points and deciding when to use them adds an interactive element to the shopping journey, making it more enjoyable.

The Good Stuff for Store Owners:

1. Customer Retention:

Loyalty points are like a magnet for customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to stick around when they know there are rewards waiting for them.

2. Increased Sales:

The promise of earning points encourages repeat purchases, leading to increased sales for your OpenCart store.

3. Easy Configuration:

Setting up the extension is a breeze. You can customize how points are earned, set redemption values, and tailor the whole experience to match your brand.

How to Get Started with Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount Extension:

How to Get Started with Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount Extension

Purchase and Download:

Head over to Knowband, grab the Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension, and download the package.


Upload the extension through your OpenCart admin panel. Follow the simple installation instructions provided by Knowband.


Customize the settings to match your business model. Decide how many points customers earn per purchase and how much they’re worth in discounts.

Start Earning and Redeeming:

Once set up, watch as your customers enjoy earning and redeeming their loyalty points.

Conclusion: Bring Joy to Your Customers and Boost Your Sales!

The Opencart Loyalty Points System extension by Knowband is more than just a tool – it’s a game-changer for your OpenCart store. It turns ordinary transactions into delightful experiences for your customers, fostering loyalty and driving sales. Elevate your online store with this user-friendly extension and start creating a shopping journey your customers will love. After all, happy customers are loyal customers!

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