3 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions for Social Media presence

Having an OpenCart store is a blessing in the first place. All things considered, on the off chance that you are perusing this blog, it is that you have your store based on the OpenCart platform. What’s more, the must-have OpenCart Extensions have been truly gainful for eCommerce merchants in the various areas of their store. Regardless of whether it is expanding customer engagement in the store or expanding customer fulfillment, the modules have been of extraordinary assistance.

Discussing social media and sales, a few modules can noticeably help increase your sales on social media platforms. Social media is a significant tool for free endeavors. It might create your brand’s standing, make dependable customers, and even increase sales. That infers there’s an enormous heap of advancement for you in social media. Choose a platform for yourself and then you can start working on it. After all, there are so many platforms where individuals like to connect with each other. In addition, they connect with various brands and businesses as well. What do you think about it? Henceforth, it’s basic to place assets into the right channels so you’re not burning through your time and money.

This blog discusses the must-have OpenCart extensions that can help you have an online presence on Social Media. They are must-have OpenCart extensions because they visibly help your eCommerce store.

Must-have OpenCart extensions for social media presence

Opencart order social sharing extension

Do you want your customers to share what they are buying from your store and spread the word around? If your customers desire to share their orders with their friends on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, this is it. The OpenCart social promotion module helps you display the icons that when clicked will let the customers share their orders on their wall posts.

Opencart order social sharing plugin

The Opencart order social sharing extension is the best way to increase the brand’s popularity. In addition, it is one of the simplest ways to increase website traffic. The OpenCart extension also is highly customizable. The admin can easily change the look and feel of the buttons displayed on the front-end. In fact, he can also decide if any of the social media icons are not to be shown. He can easily remove the icon from the front end. The OpenCart social promotion module is a must-have.

OpenCart Social Login extension

The OpenCart Social Loginizer module is what its name suggests. You can allow your guests to convert by signing up with their social media accounts. You know how tiring it is to fill the sign-up form. Why trouble your guests for that? You can ease this burden with the help of the OpenCart Social Media Login extension. Yes! The OpenCart Social Login extension lets you display 8 social login options on the front-end. They include – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, PayPal, Live, and Amazon.

OpenCart Social Login module

With the OpenCart social login module, you can make registration so much easy for the guests. In addition, the module provides a stunning store experience to the customers. The admin can change the look and feel of the buttons displayed on the front-end with the OpenCart Twitter Login extension. Well, there are numerous other features of the OpenCart extension that you should check out.

OpenCart Facebook Share and Win Discount Extension

The OpenCart Facebook Share and Win Discount Extension is all about allowing your customer to share products with their friends. In return, you reward them with discount coupons to shop at your store. The OpenCart Share and win module encourage the customers to spread the word around and get rewards for the same. The customers can share the products on their social media platforms with the help of the Facebook share option extension OpenCart.

share and get discount extension for OpenCart

The share and get discount extension for OpenCart is a highly customizable module. The admin can offer fixed discounts or percentage-based to every customer who shares the products. Moreover, he can change the look and feel on the front with the theme available. It is a win-win situation for both customers and the store owners with the OpenCart extensions.


All these are must-have OpenCart extensions in their own way. You can simply choose the area that you want to improve your store and they’ll help you through. These must-have Opencart extensions for social media are highly customizable and made to be beneficial for your business.

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