Unleash Gifting Potential: OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin by Knowband

In the realm of e-commerce, offering gift cards can be a game-changer for your OpenCart store. Knowband’s Opencart Gift Card Manager Plugin is designed to elevate your gifting strategy. This blog post explores the features, benefits, and implementation process, revealing how this plugin can enhance your customer experience and drive sales.

Embracing the Power of Gift Cards in E-Commerce

Embracing the Power of Gift Cards in E-Commerce

1. Versatile Gifting Options:

The OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin allows you to offer versatile gifting options to your customers. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, gift cards are a flexible and thoughtful choice that appeals to a wide audience.

2. Customizable Designs:

Tailor your gift cards to match your brand’s aesthetics. The plugin provides customizable design options, allowing you to create visually appealing and on-brand gift cards that leave a lasting impression.

3. Flexible Denominations:

Give your customers the freedom to choose. The plugin supports various denominations, enabling you to offer flexibility in gift card values and cater to different budget preferences.

Features of Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin

1. Easy Integration:

Acquiring and implementing the plugin is a seamless process. Visit the Knowband website, purchase the OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin, and follow the simple installation and configuration instructions.

2. Customizable Gift Card Templates:

Select a ready-made template or unleash your creativity to design your own – the choice is yours! The OpenCart send gift card extension allows you to customize gift card templates, ensuring a personalized and visually appealing gifting experience for your customers.

3. Automatic Email Delivery:

The OpenCart send gift card extension automates the gift card delivery process. Once purchased, gift cards are instantly delivered to the recipient’s email, providing a convenient and timely gifting solution.

4. Expiration and Redemption Controls:

Set expiration dates for gift cards and control their redemption conditions. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your gift card program to align with your business strategy and promotional campaigns.

Benefits of OpenCart Send Gift Card Extension

Benefits of OpenCart Send Gift Card Extension

1. Increased Revenue Opportunities:

Gift cards are a proven driver of sales. By offering gift cards, you tap into additional revenue streams, as recipients often spend more than the card value when making a purchase.

2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty:

Gift cards do more than just bring in new customers; they also build loyalty among those who already love your brand. The act of gifting and the personalized experience contribute to a positive customer relationship.

3. Simplified Gifting Experience:

The automated features of the plugin simplify the entire gifting process. From purchase to delivery, the plugin ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both the buyer and the recipient.

How to Implement Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin

Acquire the Plugin:

Visit the Knowband website, purchase the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin, and download the plugin files.

Installation and Configuration:

Follow the step-by-step installation and configuration instructions provided by the Knowband website to integrate the plugin into your OpenCart store seamlessly.

Customization and Optimization:

Explore the customization options, select or design your gift card templates, and configure the plugin settings to align with your branding and business goals.

Monitor and Promote:

Regularly monitor the performance of your gift card program. Promote your gift cards through various channels and capitalize on seasonal and promotional opportunities to maximize sales.


In conclusion, Knowband’s OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin is a valuable addition to your e-commerce toolkit. By offering versatile and customizable gift card options, you not only increase revenue opportunities but also enhance customer loyalty. Invest in this plugin today and transform your OpenCart store into a go-to destination for thoughtful and personalized gifting experiences.

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