Why You Should Launch Progressive Web App for the OpenCart Store?

OpenCart, being one of the major growing eCommerce platforms comes with a wide range of features and flexibilities to sell easily online. But, Is a desktop website is enough to bring sales in 2021? No! Having a shopping eCommerce app is what every online business owner should target. Mobile Application is an easier way to boost your brand and presence online as the exposure of mobile app audiences is very high. The eCommerce Mobile App keeps everything at the user’s fingertips and increases the conversion rate.   

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How Can You Launch OpenCart PWA Mobile App?

There is no need to hire a developer and own a developer account on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Knowband provides an easy installation facility to the front end mobile shoppers. Users can simply add the OpenCart PWA Mobile App on the mobile device by simply clicking on the “Add-to-home screen popup”. The popup can easily install the OpenCart PWA on the user’s mobile app.

Top Reasons to launch the Progressive Web App:

Although there are many reasons to go for OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder, yet we have mentioned a few major ones:

1. White Label Solution With Easy Customization 

The store admin can get the benefit of launching the Progressive Web App under his brand name. With white-label apps, the store owners can conveniently add their splash screen, icon, logo, etc. The store admin can also change the background color of the splash screen. The homepage layout can be easily designed by OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder as per user requirements. The store admin can use attractive colors, fonts, banners, and images to manage the look and feel of the PWA Mobile App with a few mouse clicks.

2. Enable App Usage With No Internet Connection

If the customer is facing any internet issue while shopping on the mobile app, the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator will be a boon for them. The internet is no longer a problem for Progressive Web App users. The pre-loaded screens can be easily checked even in case of a slow or no internet connection. 

3. Real-time Synchronization and Inventory Management

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker offers real-time Synchronization between the website and the Progressive Web App. The OpenCart Progressive Web App fetches the entire product and categories (inventory) on the website.

If the store admin performs any changes on the inventory, then it gets automatically reflected in the run time. There is no requirement for manual updates because all the modifications and additions in the store get reflected in the PWA app automatically. 

4. All Payment and Shipping Method Support 

If the store admin wants to include Payment and shipping methods, no need for extra customization. The Progressive Web App (PWA) for OpenCart automatically fetches the active payment and shipping methods from the website. The front end mobile shoppers can take benefit from getting the preferred payment options on the PWA Mobile App.

5. Lightweight, Reliable & Engaging

Android and iOS apps might get crashed or stop working while using. But the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder offers a very lightweight solution if we compare it with native apps. The PWA Mobile App hardly crashes or stops working and requires less storage. It provides a seamless shopping experience to the customers. The quick loading feature of the PWA app makes it more reliable and engaging to the users making the app performance better and generate more revenue.

6. E-mail and Social Login

The easy login option reduces the cart’s abandoned rate and enhances the user experience. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker comes with handy login features such as Google & Facebook. Email sign-in & registration option is also available and it allows users to login into the application with a single tap. 

7. Unlimited Push Notifications 

Push Notifications improves the conversion rate of the websites. The store admin can personalize and send promotional push notifications to the PWA Mobile App user. With the easy configuration and automatic scheduling of push notifications, marketing becomes seamless with PWA Mobile App.

8. Multi-lingual & Currency Support 

If the store admin is targeting a worldwide audience then OpenCart PWA Mobile App is ideal for supporting all kinds of global and regional languages and currencies. Even the RTL (Right To Left) language scripts are also supported on OpenCart PWA. The content gets automatically translated when the mobile app user chooses the desired language.

9. One-Page Checkout with Order Tracking-

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker comes with a one-page checkout feature that only requires the necessary information from the user end. This feature in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App allows the user to submit the order with ease. The order data of the website gets automatically sync with the Progressive Web App and gets automatically updated in the back office as well.


Launching the OpenCart PWA App Builder for your website is a great idea because it consists of all the features that are required to engage the customers and enhance the user experience. Knowband offers all the must-have features to make your PWA Mobile App more user-friendly and improves the revenue of your website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at [email protected].

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