Boost Global Sales with Knowband’s OpenCart eBay Integration Plugin

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, expanding your reach is key to unlocking new opportunities. If you’re an OpenCart store owner, the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin by Knowband is your ticket to reaching a broader audience and maximizing your sales potential.

Why Integrate with eBay?

1. Global Exposure:

eBay is a global marketplace, allowing you to showcase your products to a vast and diverse audience. The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin opens the doors to international customers, providing an opportunity to grow your business beyond borders.

2. Increased Sales Opportunities:

Leveraging eBay’s massive user base means tapping into a pool of potential customers actively searching for products. Integrating your OpenCart store with eBay gives you a competitive edge and increases your chances of making more sales.

3. Effortless Product Management:

Manage your product listings seamlessly across both platforms. The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin ensures that your OpenCart inventory syncs effortlessly with your eBay listings, reducing the manual workload and minimizing the risk of errors.

Key Features of Knowband’s OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin:

Features of Knowband's OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

1. Bulk Product Upload:

Save time by uploading multiple products to eBay in one go. The eBay OpenCart Connector Plugin facilitates bulk product upload, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

2. Real-Time Inventory Sync:

Stay in control of your inventory with real-time synchronization. The OpenCart eBay Connector ensures that your OpenCart inventory and eBay listings are always up-to-date, preventing overselling and improving overall efficiency.

3. Order Management:

Process orders seamlessly from both platforms within your OpenCart dashboard. The integration centralizes order management, making it easy to fulfill orders and provide timely updates to your customers.

4. Automated Price Management:

Set dynamic pricing rules to stay competitive. The OpenCart eBay Connector allows you to automate pricing adjustments based on various factors, ensuring that your products are competitively priced on eBay.

5. Customizable Templates:

Maintain a consistent brand image across platforms with customizable templates. The integration allows you to tailor your eBay listings to match your brand, creating a cohesive and professional online presence.

How to Integrate OpenCart with eBay Using Knowband’s Plugin?

How to Integrate OpenCart with eBay Using Knowband's Plugin

Purchase and Download:

Visit Knowband’s website, locate the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin, and complete the purchase. Download the plugin package.


Log in to your OpenCart admin panel, navigate to the Extensions section, and upload the plugin package. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process seamlessly.


Customize the integration settings according to your business requirements. Set up product mapping, pricing rules, and other preferences to align the integration with your specific needs.


Before making your products live on eBay, conduct thorough testing to ensure that the integration is working smoothly. This step ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers.


The eBay OpenCart Connector by Knowband is a powerful tool for OpenCart store owners looking to expand their reach and boost sales. By seamlessly connecting your OpenCart store with the global marketplace of eBay, you position your business for growth and success. Embrace the potential of cross-platform integration and take your online store to new heights with Knowband’s reliable and feature-rich plugin.

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