How To Create A Pair Of Android & iOS Apps For OpenCart Store?

With the latest technology developments in the mobile app and eCommerce industry, most online stores have switched to Mobile Apps. So, it is estimated that eCommerce mobile apps will be responsible for half of world eCommerce revenue by the end of the year 2021. Hence, this data is enough to say that e-commerce companies can consider more launches of shopping apps in the near future. So, whether you have a small business or a flourishing one, everyone had to ultimately launch the Android and iOS apps. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker is the readymade extension to launch mobile apps without any coding language. With the extension, the Android and iOS apps can also be launched on Google Play and Apple App Store. The apps will be available for public download and usage. Moreover, it works flawlessly across all platforms and includes real-time synchronization.

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1. Customization of Home Screen-

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder is fully customizable and offers control of the app to store admin. The extension provides a number of customization settings to alter or modify the mobile app look and feel or function. Additionally, using the drag and drop editor in the admin panel, the store merchant can create, modify and add any layout design for the home screen of Android and iOS apps. The store admin also does not need to learn any coding or programming language to make modifications even after the app is live.

2. White Label Apps-

The OpenCart Android & iOS App Maker is a white-labeled solution that offers the flexibility to provide any branding to the apps. The store admin can keep the apps solely for the website brand. Also, the apps can be published on Google Play and Apple App Store using the client developer accounts. Moreover, the splash screen, name, icon, design, banners, images, etc. can be of the owner’s choice. 

3. Real-time Synchronization-

One of the most important features of the OpenCart Mobile App Maker is real-time synchronization between the website & Android/iOS apps. The eCommerce shopping app doesn’t require the admin to input any manual efforts for inventory management. Also, any changes or modifications on the website inventory will be automatically updated on the Android and iOS apps(even in run time).

4. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The Mobile App for OpenCart consists of a push notification feature. It can be used to inform customers about new discounts, offers, and updates. Hence, the push notifications will be sent manually or automatically from the admin panel. So, the template, redirection link, image, etc. of push notifications can be fully configured from the admin panel. This feature can be very useful also in attracting customers to the eCommerce mobile app and increase conversions.

5. Easy Login and Checkout –

The OpenCart Mobile App consists of easy social and email login/registration options. Quick login options such as Facebook, Google, etc allow users to access the shopping app with a single tap. The single-page checkout option also simplifies the checkout process by preventing users from entering irrelevant details in the Android and iOS apps.

6. Payments and Shipping Options-

The users can use the mobile app & choose their preferred mobile payment and shipping methods and complete their order without any hassle. Thus, the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Maker integrates all of the website’s payment and shipping options in the eCommerce mobile app.  Also, using a variety of preferred payment and shipping options makes the order submission process more efficient. 

7. All Languages Support-

The OpenCart Android & iOS App supports all eCommerce website languages including RTL like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, etc. So, the mobile app user can choose their preferred language in which he wants to translate the shopping app.

Conclusion –

To surpass the ever-growing competition in the industry, every eCommerce business needs to switch to OpenCart Mobile App Builder.  Knowband keeps you ahead of the competition by providing all the above-mentioned features and other necessary functionalities in the Android and iOS apps. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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