How can OpenCart Mobile App Builder help you grow your eCommerce business?

With times changing every day, individuals and businesses need to continue to adapt and adjust to the most recent technological turns of events. Recognizably, Android and iPhone apps are surprising the world. And most brilliant, groundbreaking business people are exploiting these mobile apps wonder to additionally improve their business.

This blog talks about the ways mobile apps can assist you with developing your business. In addition, talking specifically about the OpenCart Mobile App Builder, this blog will lay down the features that make it a perfect fit for your OpenCart store.

How a mobile app helps your business gain success

1. Branding – Since your organization’s logo and or motto are obvious on your customers’ mobile pages, it’s essentially outlandish not to recollect you at whatever point they need your products/services. It additionally offers a clear favorable position against your rivals who are yet to receive this business strategy.

In the event that you need a brand boost, making a mobile application is an incredible method to help improve your corporate branding and reputation. 

2. Improves customer experience – Your customers can profit by having the option to get to your products/services whenever they need and while on the fly. This is particularly evident in the event that you don’t have a helpline that is accessible all day, every day. Your app can incorporate an element where they can reach out to you anytime, and without essentially going to your website. 

3. A perfect marketing tool – More than simply an application, a mobile app can serve as a significant marketing tool. You might wonder how? It can be effortlessly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

That implies, with a single tap, customers can impart to their organization your app and or their involvement in your organization, which would then be able to offer you free exposure. Furthermore, utilizing push notifications, you can quickly send forthcoming promotions or uncommon occasions to your customers and possibilities. 

4. Bring in more customers – Keep as a primary concern that the current purchasers are continually moving and are dependent on their mobile gadgets. Without a doubt, they would appreciate a valuable mobile app from your brand. In the event that your app encourages them to save or kill time or is only that amazing, they would even speak good about to their loved ones.

5. Generate more pay – A mobile application with order satisfaction capacity can promptly give another income channel, besides your website and or physical store. For instance, if you have a book store and a website with the same collection, having a mobile app of the book store would increase your chances of earning more income.

With the mobile app, the customers will be able to make choices from the different filters or search the name of the book and land on the right landing page. Hence, more pay.

Key features of the OpenCart mobile app builder

Admin- centric features of the Opencart iOS App Builder

1. Native application 

The high-level Opencart eCommerce Mobile App offers a totally native encounter. The app can be effortlessly downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can utilize the apps as they are composed and produced for mobile gadgets. It gives a fantastic user interface to the users which makes online shopping fast and consistent for them. 

2. Home page layout fitting

The Opencart Mobile App Builder incorporates a tweaked home page interface for the frontend mobile app. The store admin can helpfully design the home layout page from the backend and change the look and feel of the home screen app see whenever even after the apps were live.

The store proprietor can pick multiple components in the admin board to design the home page of the OpenCart Mobile App. No code change or redevelopment is needed for this. 

3. Multiple languages 

The multiple languages support in the Opencart Mobile App Maker controls out the language obstructions for you. You need not stress over the users having a place with various identities or who are not happy with just the English language.

The Opencart Android App Builder gives worldwide/local admittance to your application and even permits the RTL composing styles support in the Android and iOS apps. 

4. Payment and shipping technique support 

So, when your customers look forward to paying via a certain method and that method isn’t available in your store, it leads to an increased bounce rate. All the payment and transportation techniques running on your OpenCart store are completely upheld by the Opencart iOS App Builder.

Of course, PayPal and COD are incorporated in the back office of the module. Thus, such an extra alteration or work is needed to make your payment strategies useful on the apps. 

5. Real-time synchronization

Both the Android and iOS apps will be completely associated with your OpenCart store stock, orders, customer information, and so forth. As a matter of fact, with the OpenCart Mobile App, the manufacturer gives real-time synchronization between your web store and mobile apps. All progressions made in the store stock and order management get promptly refreshed on the application naturally. 

6. Easy Push-Notifications

Product marketing had never been so simple in the serious retail market. With OpenCart Mobile App, you can promote the store products, deals, offers, and so forth to pretty much every mobile-based user (utilizing your application). Push notifications are the most exceptional and handy tool to do the work.

The adaptable banners/sliders, a commencement clock, and so on makes your OpenCart Mobile App a superb marketing channel. The social partaking in OpenCart Mobile Apps can carry possible users to your store also. 

7. White Label branding 

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers the total branding of your business on mobile apps. There will no reference to the name of the company from where you bought the module (Knowband) at the end of the app creation. The store admin is permitted to distribute the app under their business name.

The logo, colors, and so on can be set in like manner and both modules/apps are available to a wide range of extra customization too. 

User-driven highlights of the Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension 

1. Layered interface 

The Opencart eCommerce Mobile App is made well to such an extent that shopping becomes a joyous ride for the users. All the classifications and landing pages of the app make the product search pretty simple. The layered interface in the application manages the users to effectively arrive at their ideal products. 

2. Social login

The OpenCart Mobile App is integrated with various social media login alternatives like Google and Facebook. The store admin can likewise permit Phone Number or Fingerprint login to users to give a quick login and registration approach to the front-end customers. It saves users from entering protracted details and login in with simply a single tap. 

3. Live Chat support 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker permits the users to request support straightforwardly from the store admin through mobile applications. The created OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App extension helps the admin to determine the issues of the mobile app user without further ado. It fortifies the connection between the customer and seller and offers a feeling of trust and unwavering quality. 

4. Rewards and offers 

Options like discounts and rewards have consistently been a sales supporter for each eCommerce business. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder permits the website coupons and vouchers to deal with the apps also. The users will be permitted to get similar offers and limits on the app as on the website. 

5. Simple order submission and tracking 

The checkout page of the OpenCart eCommerce mobile app permits the users to put in their requests quickly and flawlessly. The one-page checkout in Android and iOS apps requests just required information, however, even the user can discover each checkout detail on a similar page. The created OpenCart Mobile App shows the order conveyance status in the applications also.

Final words

If you are looking forward to giving that boost to your eCommerce business, having the Opencart Mobile App by Knowband would be the best bet. The module is designed to give you the entire control of designing, configuring, and customizing the mobile app as per the need of your store.

You can try the Admin demo, Front demo (Android or iOS), User Manual to get a better understanding of its functionality.

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