Benefits of OpenCart PWA You Must Know

If you have an eCommerce business and anticipate making a web-based eCommerce store, at that point you are more likely than not caught wind of the OpenCart online business platform, which accompanies a wide scope of highlights that help to arrive at your business objectives without any problem. Since a definitive objective of all internet business entrepreneurs is to build the deals and focus on a more extensive scope of clients, it is significant for each association to meet the changing necessities of the purchasers and appeal to the huge portable client base. For this, you have different options before you, either to build a  responsive mobile app with OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

OpenCart Progressive Web Apps

PWAs exploit the most recent advancements which join the most awesome aspect of versatile applications and the web. The most recent headways in the program and the Cache and Push APIs have permitted the customers to install the web applications to their home screen, get message notifications and even work when there is no internet connection. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App exploits the bigger web biological system. The modules and the general simplicity of conveying and keeping up the eCommerce website when contrasted with the native application in the particular application stores.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is a pre-designed extension to build PWA mobile apps for running websites. Once the website is converted into PWA, the customers can simply open the store URL on the mobile browser and “Add App To Home Screen”. The installed Progressive Web Application will work like any other app available on the device and users will be simply allowed to browse and make purchases. No sort of dependency on app stores like Google Play & Apple App Store. 

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Reasons For Using OpenCart PWA for Your Website

Having an OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder assists with taking the upsides of quicker stacking and appreciating the SEO positioning advantages to diminish the necessities of information. It wipes out the requirement for an App Store and Play store to download the mobile app for the cell phones.

1. Branding of your eCommerce Website:

One of the most important aspects of any eCommerce business is to get a branding facility. No eCommerce business wants to launch their mobile app under any other company’s brand name. The store admin likes to include its banners, logo, name, splash screen, etc, and give its shopping app value and identity to the app users. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App enables all the branding opportunities for the store admin. 

2. OpenCart PWA Creator Offers Superior User Experience:

With Progressive Web Apps your eCommerce website developers can work on enhancements of the web view that we see of the website. The store admin can use the homepage layout feature to enhance the user experience and add multiple custom layouts to the PWA app. This implies that the application centers around the core content, advanced features, and design format. And when all these characteristics come together it leads to a smooth and much valuable client experience. For a better understanding of installation and back-end procedures 

3. One Page Login And Checkout Option Availability:

The easy and convenient login and checkout facility saves a lot of time for users. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder consists of an easy social and email login facility. Users can easily get access to the mobile app by just using options like Google, Facebook, and Email, etc. 

No one wants to fill in unwanted and irrelevant information especially customers. The simplified checkout option allows the customer to fill up the only required information and have ease in the transaction process. 

4. Multilingual And RTL Support For The eCommerce Website:

Nowadays delivering a product to a different location is not a really tough task but language can be a barrier. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker allows users to change the whole Progressive web app language to their desired one and target a vast variety of audiences. The users can change the app language according to their requirements. 

5. All Payment And Shipping Method Support:

The convenient payment and shipping option encourage users to hop more from the PWA app. The reason behind that the users do not want to use any other payment and shopping options. They are more focused on the shipping and payment method which they are using previously on the eCommerce website. The Mobile App for OpenCart PWA allows the user to add eCommerce website payment and methods. 

6. OpenCart eCommerce PWA App Is Easily Accessible: 

Quite possibly the most significant and huge preference of having a PWA application is that it tends to be effectively gotten to through an internet browser. The clients don’t need to download the mobile app from Apple or Google Play stores and this decreases a lot of time while looking for the OpenCart PWA Mobile App and afterward downloading it on the device.

7. The eCommerce Progressive Web App Results In Better SEO Ranking:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator conveys the web content, the search engines view the PWAs and the webpage as the equivalent and index them. Furthermore, this permits a superior ranking with the search engines. tools. Yet, then again, the local applications are not recorded thus they won’t influence the SERP. With an extraordinary and streamlined back connecting methodology, you can without much of a stretch boost the SEO ranking to a more significant level.

8. OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker Takes Less Storage Space:

PWA when utilized in Mobile App for OpenCart PWA online business, it assists with optimizing the API request so that there is no requirement for massive workers and an enormous transfer speed to support the application. The mobile phone will be able to browse the PWA by utilizing a less mobile data plan. OpenCart Progressive Web App takes less space to store as compared to native apps.

9. OpenCart PWA Mobile App Provide Real-Time Synchronisation:

The shopping app is fully synchronized with the eCommerce store. The product inventory and data get updated on the eCommerce app automatically so manually updating are not required. This eliminates the need of managing two different databases at one go.

10. OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder Provide Push Notifications Option:

The PWA adopts a native methodology which is “push notification functionality” regardless of whether the internet browser isn’t open. This option of OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator enables the eCommerce business to develop and offer item promotions through push notification which results in better customer engagement. 

11. Offline Mode in OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

Internet Connection is the most important requirement nowadays. But what when there is a lack of internet connection. To solve this problem the OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder comes with an offline mode feature so that users can access the progressive web app with ease. The users can add products to the cart even if they are lacking an internet connection.

12. Order Status Update:

To give regular order status update to the customer the OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker comes with the advantages of providing regular previously placed order updates of the potential customers. 

13. Customer Support feature:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator comes with customer support features that are essential to solving customer queries and issues due to the lack of physical connection. Zopim and WhatsApp option is there to connect with customer 24*7.


In this blog post, we try to cover up as many benefits as possible. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App consists of several features that are going to give benefit to the eCommerce business. The eCommerce app has multiple other features and benefits such as lower cart abandonment rate, high engagement rate, trust factor, reliability, etc. To know about more benefits send us an email at [email protected].

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