Secure your website with OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension

When it comes to a website, being attacked by spambots is not a very uncommon thing. The Opencart store owners know and understand the importance of keeping the website and it’s content safe from the bots. Hence, the Opencart Google ReCaptcha Extension by Knowband provides your website the security that it needs.

The Opencart extension blocks the spam registrations, messages, comments and more, and lets only the human visitors enter the website. The Opencart human verification Extension is designed to detect spam entities and block them while allowing access to humans only.

The human visitors have to click on the block displayed on the front-end on the various pages of the website and then they are permitted to go ahead on the website whereas; this activity is impossible for a bot to do. Hence, the spambots are blocked and the humans can easily access the website making its content safe.

So, when you talk about securing your website with the help of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension, this blogs talks about the various features of the extension. Also, the blog talks about the benefits of the OpenCart extension for the store owner.

Features of the Human verification OpenCart extension

1. Improves website security

The extension by Knowband increases the current standards of security of your website. The extension guarantees that the substance going to the website is a human and not a spambot. The store admin can without much of a stretch configure the extension by blocking the spam registrations, messages, comments, and more from the bots. 

2. The situation of the Google ReCaptcha icon

The OpenCart store admin can pick the website pages to show the Opencart Google reCaptcha Extension on. He can without much of a stretch empower this component on all or any of the accompanying pages: 

  • Login page
  • Registration page 
  • Contact page 
  • Forgotten secret password page; and
  • Checkout page

3. OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension offers V2 and V3 ReCaptcha compatibility

The OpenCart human verification is compatible with the V2 and V3 ReCaptcha systems.

4. SSL compatibility

The Google ReCaptcha OpenCart extension is SSL viable. 

5. Multi-store viable

The OpenCart Google reCaptcha is multi-store viable. 

6. Multiple languages compatible

The Google ReCaptcha OpenCart extension is multi-language viable. 

Benefits of the OpenCart Google ReCaptcha extension for the store owner

1. The extension is extremely easy to install, configure and understand the extension. The store admin needs no special knowledge for getting it ready for the front-end. The user manual comes in handy in case he gets stuck at some point.

2. The store admin needs not verify every entity coming to the website manually because Google ReCaptcha does that for him. 

3. The store admin gets total bit by bit guidelines to arrange the site key and secret key from the backend of this extension. 

4. The store admin gets the adaptability to enable or disable the OpenCart Google reCaptcha extension for the chosen pages at his store. 

5. Human verification OpenCart extension prevents bots from programmed form filling and accessing the services from the site.


Is your website’s security your priority? If it is then, the Opencart Google ReCaptcha by Knowband is what you should take a look at. You might have seen this and used this yourself trying to land on a website, but don’t have much idea about the same.

Well, the Opencart extension is what builds a security wall for your website and blocks the entry of all the spam entities which can harm your rich content.

You can also check the User Manual, Admin demo, and Front-end demo of the extension to check its functionality better.

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