What is the OpenCart Store Locator module all about?

The OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension is a completely highlighted module that makes it exceptionally simple to offer an in-store pickup facility. The eCommerce store admin can show multiple stores on the website using Google Maps. The customers can see the store details on the store locator page and select the store for order pick-up. With this option, the customers can easily buy the products and services they like without the delivery charges. The eCommerce store proprietor can show the store locator on the homepage, checkout page and likewise set a header menu for a store locator.

The Opencart store locator plugin usefulness is best for the customers and store admin. The store proprietor can without much of a stretch introduce and configure this OpenCart in-store pickup module. Online customers can see store details like store name, address, contact details, store picture, and working planning from the admin interface. The online store trader can offer a superior store insight to the customers by offering in-store pickup usefulness.

Highlights of this OpenCart in-store pickup extension

Offer in-store pickup

The store admin can execute in-store pick-up usefulness with the assistance of this OpenCart Store Locator module.

Store Locator

The e-trader can exhibit the store locator on the eCommerce website with the assistance of this OpenCart store locator and pickup extension.

Google map integration

Admin can set the Google map marker image and map zoom level from the admin interface of this OpenCart store pickup plugin. The OpenCart store admin would showcase be able to store areas using Google map. Admin can enter Google map API key for showing store areas on the website.

Store locator settings

The store admin can show the store locator on the website homepage, checkout page, and additionally set a store locator header menu on the website. He/she can choose the stores for appearing on the store locator and additionally set any store as a default store.

Pick-up time settings

The OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup module permit the store admin to set the pick-up time settings from the bac-end. The store admin to set pick-up delay, maximum pick-up days, date-time format, and pick-up time slot from the admin interface.

Simple to use

The store admin can undoubtedly carry out the in-store pickup usefulness by using this OpenCart in-store pickup module.

Bulk store listing

The online store admin can download the example CSV document and upload it after entering all the store details in it. This way the store admin can upload store details in mass.

Send Notification Mail

This OpenCart Store Locator module is profoundly customizable, it gives instant email formats to sending email to the stores concerning in-store pickup.

Download Delivery Slip

You can likewise download the delivery slips past choosing the store name and length from the admin OpenCart in-store pickup extension.

Advantages offered by this OpenCart pick-up plugin

  1. The store admin can offer in-store pick-up usefulness on the store without changing any codes from the admin interface.
  2. The customers can without much of a stretch select the store from the store locator.
  3. The e-merchant can without much of a stretch introduce and arrange this OpenCart store pick up extension.
  4. The customers don’t have to sit tight for the delivery or pay delivery charges.
  5. The OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module offers a user-friendly interface.
  6. The online store proprietor can apply the settings to show the store locator on the homepage and checkout page too.


Along these lines, the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator plugin gets it going with no code changes. The store admin just necessities to design this Opencart store locator extension according to the prerequisites and carry out store locator usefulness. The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension is extremely functional. Online users can without much of a stretch visit the chose store and pick up the product from the store.
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