Build Your Own OpenCart PWA Mobile App With Top Ecommerce Features

Various emerging & popular e-commerce websites are doing well because of technology trends such as mobile applications. Earlier, the website was enough to bring the leads and sales, but the scenario is changed now. The majority of eCommerce companies think that the website is sufficient enough to promote or accelerate the growth of the e-commerce business, but somewhere struggling with the sales That’s where mobile apps come to the rescue. Opting for a Progressive Web App as a leading mobile sales channel can be a boon for the business. In this article, we will be discussing one such OpenCart PWA App Builder tool which allows the store admin to offer readymade shopping apps.   

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker Tool: 

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Core Features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App: 

1. Easy Branding (White Label Solution)-

If the eCommerce brand is not capable enough to do proper branding then it is considered as its downfall. Because if the customer knows your brand value well, then they are most likely to purchase from it. Customers are more reliable to brands that are already popular among them. In order to achieve this, the store admin can launch the shopping app using their brand name, logo, splash screen, home screen design, etc. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to offer a completely branded Progressive Web App for the eCommerce websites.

2. Easy Installation-

Accessing third-party apps like Google Play Store and Apple App Store to just download one application might be a bit frustrating for the customers. Many times a customer doesn’t download the mobile app because of the low storage. The PWA Mobile App Maker allows the customer to download it from directly accessing the store URL on the mobile browser. The users can simply install the Progressive Web App by tapping the “Add To Home Screen” popup.

3. Home Screen Layout Customization-

Designing the mobile app screen layout and changing the same frequently is not a really difficult task now with OpenCart PWA Mobile App. The store admin can add multiple layouts at once and customize the whole look of the Progressive Web App without any technical issue. The layout can also be altered easily by accessing the extension backend panel. Any desired layout can also be chosen anytime based on the requirement and the home screen will be updated in the live PWA Mobile App. 

4. Multilingual & RTL Support-

Targeting multiple countries/locations at once is a very difficult task for eCommerce merchants. The reason behind that is that multiple countries consist of various languages and it is very costly for the store admin to build a separate shopping app for all these languages. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder makes sure that the PWA Mobile App consists of all the languages available on the e-commerce website including the most complex ones such as RTL scripts.

5. Easy Online Purchase-

To make the online purchase facile, the OpenCart Progressive Web App consists of all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website. It gives freedom to the customer to select the most convenient and appropriate shipping and payment option while purchasing products on the PWA Mobile Application. . The mobile app even has simplified one-page checkout to make the order submission quite easier. 

6. Automatic Inventory Update-

This option allows the store admin to synchronize e-commerce websites with the OpenCart Progressive web App. All the changes done in the store inventory will be reflected automatically on the live OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications:

To give regular updates about the latest eCommerce offering and services, the store admin can use push notification features. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App admin panel allows the admin to send personalized manual and automatic push notifications to the customers and aware them of the latest products and offers available on the eCommerce app.

8. Order Confirmation-

The customers want to get an update about their recently placed orders. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder gives that ease to customers. To give a regular update to customers the store admin can use the functionality of push notification or the customer can also use the application dashboard for the same.

9. Compatible With Multi-Vendor Marketplace-

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to include the OpenCart Multi vendor marketplace as well. This module will allow different sellers to get into the mobile app and start selling their products with ease. Customers can also even register themselves as sellers. 

10. Offline Mode-

The offline mode consists of a preloaded cache that will be presented to PWA Mobile App customers. This feature of  OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker will automatically get enabled when there is a lack of internet connection. This option gives an advantage to the customer to eCommerce mobile app freely without any kind of interruption and adds products into the wishlist and cart.


Having an OpenCart PWA Mobile App for your eCommerce business is a boon. It allows you to expand more in the eCommerce market and offer a competitive edge to others. It will also help you in establishing the brand and ensures you as one of the topmost considerable names in the industry. More about this you can send us an email at [email protected]

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