Importance of transforming your store into OpenCart PWA Mobile App

Do you at any point go to your browser for Google Maps navigation? Likely not! Most of the researchers have mentioned that the greater part of the clients, around 87% decide to browse on native apps. That makes it compulsory to have the application installed on the client’s gadget. And if the client is operating a certain app it must work smoothly hence it’s important to transform your OpenCart store into PWA which stands for OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

Progressive Web App is an extremely important format for the mobile branding of your e-commerce business. PWA mobile apps have beaten the most disturbing issue of circulation. This extension has a motive – it is to change your OpenCart store into Progressive Web App. In other words, the mobile shoppers visiting store URL in the mobile browser can add OpenCart PWA App to their gadget forever. The OpenCart Progressive Web App is useful whenever the client wants for browsing and shop items.

Another reason for App developers and service workers (Script files) creating in combination PWAs is for offering a dynamic, smooth user experience while browsing the content through a website/web app.
Although various platforms are offering this extension, for trust and better customer experience, we suggest store merchants choose Knowband OpenCart PWA Mobile App. The store merchant simply needs to pick the right plugin, install it and follow the simple guideline for the configuration.

Advantages Of Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are more of a technique that is a combination of technologies. Individuals can spend more time on websites and see more advertising due to its enhanced user interface.

OpenCart Progressive Web App Offers Great Performance

A typical website forces users to wait while it is busy making excursions to the server, sitting idle. Each request from the network to bring a resource or piece of information goes through a service worker. A service worker is someone whose responsibility is to check if the response to a particular request is already there in the cache or not. As clients promptly get real content even on a terrible connection or link, they trust the application more and consider it to be more reliable.

Fast Loading in PWA for OpenCart than Native Apps

This UI isn’t flaky. Looking over or scrolling is consistent and the application responds to client association without any problem. If you compare Progressive Web App with other native shopping apps, this is faster, lightweight & having a fast loading mechanism. Progressive Web App provides the app users with an extraordinary client experience that keeps the services at standard.

Ecommerce PWA is More Engaging

Speaking about the appearance and feel of the eCommerce Progressive Web App, it resembles a native application. Over the client’s home screen, a PWA can procure an area. It provides a native app-like experience by offering a full-screen work environment. And when it’s about keeping users active, that work completes with the help of push notifications.

Offline Usage available in OpenCart eCommerce PWA App

The pattern of “offline first or “cache first” is the most well-known method for serving the client with content. In an eCommerce Progressive Web App before the contents are downloadable, the resource is cached or not and offline accessibility is there or not is checked. Download it if it’s not already in the cache and save it for sometime later.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker Offers Push Notifications

Push notifications help in increasing the conversion rate of your eCommerce store. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker permits an e-commerce store owner to configure and submit unlimited push notifications.

Besides that, it comes with in-built functionality to mechanize & schedule them and when store merchants using catchy titles & graphics in your notifications, it can do wonders.


Hence, transforming your OpenCart store into eCommerce PWA will always be beneficial for your e-commerce platform. Transform the online eCommerce site into the PWA Smartphone App and give mobile visitors a seamless web shopping application. The profoundly captivating PWAs can be launched from the home screen as you can add a symbol(icon) for it and they even send push notifications. This is a great example of innovation development and has a lot of scope in future advancement.

Progressive Web Apps are yet in their early stages, as described, however, it’s an exciting time to try different things with the techniques behind them and perceive how well they can identify with your web applications.

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