How is OpenCart Progressive Web App beneficial for your business?

Users are remaining on their mobile phones increasingly more with time. Regardless of whether they’re chipping away at the equivalent. However, flipping the eCommerce store in the middle is the thing that is significantly happening nowadays. Furthermore, mobile phones play a significant job. In addition, the eCommerce sector is the thing that benefits by driving more sales. To associate with the eCommerce store, the users need a solid internet connection. However, that is impractical while being in territories where the network isn’t excessively solid. Henceforth, the native apps are not what is the smartest choice here. At the point when you talk about consistent working, the OpenCart Progressive Web App is the thing that gives a superior encounter.

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart gives a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is a redesigned form of web apps and it is made by industry-trained professionals. Hence, the users can use the mobile app offline. In addition, get push notifications about the latest offers and arrangements of the eCommerce store.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder by Knowband helps you here. For instance, improving the performance, security, accessibility, and SEO features of the eCommerce store.

Highlights of the OpenCart eCommerce PWA App

Easy to utilize and lightweight

Maybe the fundamental ideal condition of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is that it offers successfully accessible mobile apps. The eCommerce Progressive Web App doesn’t have any dependence on the Google Play Store and App Store. The users can without a doubt add the PWA app to their mobile screen while getting to the website on the mobile program. The guest simply needs to tap on the “Add to Home Screen” popup and the mobile app will normally add to the home screen of the mobile phone.
Then again, as the native apps are substantial (as far as MB or GB) accessible on Google Play Store and App Store, the Progressive web app for OpenCart is lightweight.

The White Label

Each OpenCart store owner likes to publish the app under their brand name. Doing so helps in improving brand image before mobile customers. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to dispatch the eCommerce app under their brand name. The store owner can moreover perform various movements like adding a brand logo, app name, logo, picture, establishment tone, and so forward by getting to the admin end.

Dynamic Home Screen

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart licenses the store admin to handily change the home screen design with no coding required. The store admin can change the look and the vibe of the Progressive Web App and make it more appealing to users. It gives a mind-boggling user experience and makes the app more user-friendly. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App grants the store admin to organize the entire home screen format and alter the equivalent with pictures, slider/framework, and classifications in the equivalent.

The PWA for OpenCart is practical with all gadgets

Online customers will use assorted mobile phones and each eCommerce business needs to develop a shopping app that works reliably with every device, whether or not it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. The OpenCart PWA eCommerce Mobile App is reasonable with every platform and working system. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator runs effectively on every platform and gives a mind-blowing user experience.

Featured product listing

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker causes the store admin to expand sales and generate more traffic from mobile. The store admin can add included products and highlight them like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Most Viewed, and so forward on the home screen of the mobile app.

Straightforward sign in choices (Social login)

Customers scorn checking out an extended sign-in or registration measure. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App licenses users to enroll or login into the progressive app with a single tick. The store admin can integrate social login alternatives, for instance, Facebook and Google from the back-end. The eCommerce store proprietor can allow users to take on the eCommerce app with an email address as well.

Multilingual and Currency support

As of now, eCommerce businesses are expanding around the world, yet the language is a significant deterrent out there. Various eCommerce businesses can’t win in the worldwide market as a result of language hindrance. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator supports all worldwide and common languages with the most referenced RTL languages to slaughter that obstacle. The users of the mobile app need to pick the language and the app subsequently changes over into the ideal language. All the financial forms available on the eCommerce website will similarly integrate into the PWA app. The store admin of OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App Builder can in like manner add more monetary forms to the app.

All payment and shipping support

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App designer reinforces all the payment and shipping decisions available on the eCommerce website. The store admin can moreover incorporate more prominent payment and transportation decisions from the backend of the progressive app. It grants users to pick the best payment and conveyance alternative.

Single Page Checkout

Customers scorn it when they need to fill protracted forms to purchase what they’ve placed in their cart, the difficult work of finding the product, and getting to the checkout page. At the point when they discover the checkout page to be lengthy with various boxes to be filled that don’t make any difference, they abandoned the cart and the website. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator licenses users to simply fill in the fundamental information to complete the trades. This component gives trade straightforwardness to the customers and generates higher conversions for the eCommerce app.

Continuous synchronization

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart grants the store admin to synchronize the eCommerce app with products and stock of the eCommerce store. In this way, If the store admin performs any action on the eCommerce store stock, it will therefore reflect in the shopping app consistently. This part of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App creator is familiar with taking out the issue of manual intervention by the admin.

Push Notifications

A push notification feature is an uncommon tool for marketing and progression for certain businesses. Customers will all in all shop more if they get notifications on their mobile screens. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder involves push notification convenience. The store admin can send the notification to the customers regardless of when they are not using the app. The push notifications feature of the eCommerce app invigorates offers, abandoned carts, and so on The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker allows the store admin to genuinely or normally send the notification from the admin board.

Order tracking updates

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App licenses customers to screen their as of late situated orders. The order following update feature gives persistent order declarations to its customers utilizing push notifications and customers can check the status in the eCommerce Progressive Web App moreover.

Supports offline mode

It is difficult for customers to have reliable admittance to native apps when they have moderate internet connection issues. This issue can seriously influence mobile app sales. The OpenCart Progressive Web App joins the game plan by giving offline admittance to the customers. As of now, customers can without a doubt get the products in the app when they are having a negligible or no internet connection.

Improves SEO positioning

The eCommerce apps are SEO friendly, the web crawler considers PWA apps as a website and documents them. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker helps with improving situating with the search motor. If we broke down, Native apps are not downdable so it doesn’t impact the eCommerce store SEO. The store admin can help the situating of the shopping app in SERP by using practical SEO strategies.


There are numerous ways from which OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder can become your eCommerce business. KnowBand OpenCart module can transform an online eCommerce website into the Opencart PWA mobile app. Check out this blog on eCommerce Progressive Web App Examples in 2021 here.

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