Why PWA Mobile Apps Are In Trend For OpenCart eCommerce Stores?

PWA technology is a boon for all eCommerce businesses which are looking forward to expanding in the current time. Every successful eCommerce store owner has somewhere used new technological advancements. Having an OpenCart PWA Mobile App is one such unavoidable need in order to improve your business reach and performance. But, tapping into mobile commerce wasn’t so easier earlier as it required a lot of investment and efforts to launch a shopping app. But, that’s have been revolutionized now.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is a ready-made extension to launch a featured Progressive Web App without any coding knowledge. Since online shoppers want to have everything at their fingertips, having a PWA Mobile App can be the easiest way to target a mobile audience. It is a great way to enhance the user experience and provide a native-app like shopping experience to users. PWA is a cross-platform web application that works seamlessly on all platforms like Android & iOS. Check more details from the below links: 

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder

Admin demo Link

Front demo Link

Outstanding Features In Your OpenCart Progressive Web App:

1. Easy Installation:

With a native app, users have to depend upon Google Play Store and Apple App Store for installation. Also, the mobile device needs to have a good amount of space to install and run the app. But that’s not the case with Progressive Web App. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the customer to easily add the eCommerce mobile app directly from the mobile version of the website. The shopping app can be simply installed by clicking on the “Add To Home Screen” popup. 

2. Proper Branding Solution:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder eliminates the branding problem and allows the store admin to launch the mobile app under its brand name. The store admin can choose a brand name, icon, image, splash screen, color, logo, etc.  

3. Extended Customization Options:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to perform all the configurations from the admin panel section. The changes made in the backend will automatically reflect on the Progressive Web App. The store merchant can design the home screen by adding relevant banners, images, slider, intuitive colors, and font, etc. With DIY editor in the admin panel, it becomes way simple for the admin to craft the home screen and change the same as per the requirement.

4. Works Fine With All Devices:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator makes the Progressive Web App compatible with all the devices and the platform. The PWA app gets adapted to the device screen size and can run smoothly on any device whether it is Android/iOS or mobile/tablet.  

5. Multiple Language Support:

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart supports all languages and currencies available on the eCommerce website. The mobile app allows the customers to change it into their desired language. It also supports the most complex languages like RTL (Right To Left). It is a great way to target the international/regional market without any language barrier. 

6. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options:

To gain customer reliability, it is important to consider integrating all payment and shipping methods in the eCommerce mobile app. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder makes all website payment and shipping options work on the mobile app. The users can easily make the transactions with their favorite payment method & will reduce cart abandonment.

7. Simple Login and Checkout:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker consists of built-in simple login/registration options like Facebook, Google, Email. The social login options allow users to login/access the PWA Mobile App with a single tap.

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator allows the customers to only fill up the required information. The customer can checkout with the shopping app easily with just minimal information.

8. Real-time Synchronization with Push Notifications:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App gets updated with the website data and inventory. If the store admin has performed any changes in the store inventory, the same will be automatically get reflected on the front-end PWA app. This saves the store admin from any manual efforts.  

The Push Notification feature of the OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App makes the customer informed about the latest offers, discounts, and updates. Customers can get timely notifications updates even if they are not using the Progressive Web App. The app only needs to be installed on a mobile device.

9. Offline Mode Support:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the customers to have smooth and seamless access to the PWA app even without having an internet connection. The users can even add the product to the cart if they are not using the internet connection and proceed with a purchase later.

10. Lightweight & Faster Performance:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is very lightweight and runs very quickly on mobile devices. This ensures no crash for the app and also enhances reliability and user engagement.  

11. Customer Chat Support:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker consists of 24*7 customer support with Zopim & WhatsApp. Having a reliable chat medium in the OpenCart Progressive Web App allows online shoppers to ask their queries and issues anytime from the store admin. 


The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator is now a trend for many eCommerce businesses because of its amazing features & flawless working. It helps in improving the conversion rate and sales graph for the business. To know more email us at [email protected].

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