Why Should You Use OpenCart PWA Mobile App?

Because of technological developments and advancements such as mobile applications, a number of emerging and popular eCommerce websites can make the most of the profits these days. Initially, an eCommerce website was sufficient to generate leads and sales, but this is no longer the case. The majority of eCommerce businesses believe that their website is sufficient to encourage or enhance their business’s success, but they are struggling with sales. This is where eCommerce mobile apps come in handy. Using a feature-rich shopping app as the mobile sales channel can be extremely beneficial for eCommerce business growth. 

What are OpenCart Progressive Web Apps?

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App builder is used to launch the readymade Progressive Web Apps for the eCommerce website without any coding knowledge. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder uses the PWA Apps to deliver a native app-like experience to the users. It gives the look and feel of the Android and iOS apps to the customers with web browser capabilities. It can even work with a slow and no internet connection. The store admin can also use the push notification feature to give regular updates to the customers and improve conversions. 

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Powerful Sale Booster Features Of OpenCart PWA Mobile Applications

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker helps the store admin to improve the SEO ranking benefits and  SERP of the eCommerce website. It also eliminates the need for Google Play Store and Apple App Store to let users download the app and use it. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App can be simply derived from the website itself. Here are some of the amazing features of the product: 

1. Easy Branding (White Label Solution)-

Once a customer understands the importance of your brand value, they are more likely to buy from the same. Customers are more likely to trust brands that are already well-known to them. The store admin will accomplish this by launching the PWA app with their brand name, logo, splash screen, home screen design, and so on. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to have a fully branded mobile app for eCommerce websites.

2. Easy Installation-

Customers do not have to depend upon third-party stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download only the shopping app. Also, because of the limited storage on the mobile device, many customers do not use the native mobile app. Customers can download the OpenCart PWA Mobile App by going straight to the store URL on their mobile device. On clicking the “Add To Home Screen” popup, users can quickly install the eCommerce mobile App.

3. Home Screen Layout Customization-

With OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker, designing the shopping app home screen layout is no longer a challenging task. Without any technological issues, the store admin can add several layouts at once and configure the whole look of the Progressive Web App. Accessing the extension backend makes it simple for the store admin to change the layout. Any layout can be selected at any time depending on the requirements even if the PWA app is live.

4. Social Login-

Customers can easily get access to the mobile app with the social login options. The store admin can provide a faster login option such as Google and Facebook, as well as email registration and login to the customers. 

5. Multilingual & RTL Support-

The OpenCart Progressive Web App supports all the global and regional languages and supports the most requested languages like RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.). The store admin can integrate all the languages available in the eCommerce website into the shopping app. The customers can easily select the desired language and the mobile app will automatically get translated into the requested language.

6. Easy Online Purchase And Simplified Checkout-

The OpenCart Progressive Web App includes all payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website to make online purchases easy. It allows customers to choose the most comfortable and suitable shipping and payment method when making purchases with the Progressive Web App. The PWA Mobile App also comes with much simplified one-page checkout to make order submission simpler and hassle-free.

7. Automatic Inventory Update-

The automatic inventory update option is there to synchronize eCommerce websites with the mobile app. Any changes made to the store inventory will be immediately reflected on the live OpenCart Progressive Web App.

8. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The store admin may use push notification features to provide regular updates, offers, discounts, and deals among the mobile app users.  The admin panel of the OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator helps the store admin to send customized template notifications manually as well as automatically. The push notifications can be a helpful tool to inform customers about the new items and deals available on the eCommerce mobile app.

9. Offline Mode Browsing-

Offline mode includes a preloaded cache that is presented on the OpenCart PWA Mobile App in case of a slow internet connection. When there is no internet access, this feature of the OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App will be enabled automatically. This offline mode allows customers to use the shopping app without being interrupted and add items to their wishlist and cart.


It is a blessing for your eCommerce business to have an OpenCart PWA Mobile App available to bring sales and conversions. The Progressive Web App enables the store admin to further expand the business in the eCommerce market and give others a competitive edge. It also helps in building the brand reputation and ensures that they are one of the industry’s biggest names for the mobile shopping channel. You can contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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