Why Your eCommerce Business Needs An OpenCart PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are getting more & more popularity among the netizens because of enhanced performance and better features. The OpenCart PWA Mobile Apps for eCommerce is a web application that can be simply derived from the website. In simple words, the users visiting the PWA eCommerce store on the mobile browser will receive a pop-up to install a PWA.

What are OpenCart Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are type of apps that utilizes the benefits of simultaneously being a mobile website & a mobile app. PWAs appear to work exactly like mobile apps but they run on the internet browsers of mobile devices.

With the use of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder extension developed by KnowBand, it gets far more convenient and affordable to build, launch and manage an OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

To view all of the features of this OpenCart PWA Maker extension, refer below links:

Module Link: https://www.knowband.com/opencart-pwa-mobile-app

Admin Demo Link: https://opencartdemo.knowband.com/3.0/pwa/

PWA Demo Link: https://opencartdemo.knowband.com/3.0/pwa/pwa-app/

User Manual Link: https://www.knowband.com/blog/user-manual/opencart-pwa-user-manual/

For eCommerce businesses as well, PWA Mobile Apps are playing a huge role when it comes to business growth & improvement in user experience & user satisfaction. For instance, check the below snapshots:

Try Demo on Your Own:

Step 1: Scan the below-shared QR Code or open the store URL in the mobile browser.


Open this URL in the mobile browser and tap the “Add To Cart button” to add the mobile app on the mobile device.

Benefits Of OpenCart PWA for eCommerce Businesses:

#1. Customizable Home Screen Interface

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App offers complete flexible and dynamic layout that can be fully customized from the admin panel. The drag & drop editor with unlimited banners, sliders, categories allow the store admin to configure and design the home screen. The best part is that the appearance of home screen of Progressive Web App home screen can be changed anytime with no technical input required.

#2. Offline Working (No Internet Connectivity)

The OpenCart Progressive Web App comes with inbuilt offline working feature. The users can browse and view the preloaded screens even when the internet connectivity is lost or slow. This feature of OpenCart PWA Mobile App will simple improve the app usability and shopping experience.

#3. Unlimited Push Notifications

The OpenCart Progressive Web App allows the store admin to configure and send personalized push notifications to PWA Mobile App users. There isn’t any sort of extra charges or integration required. The text, image, redirection etc, can be set simply from the admin panel and push notifications can even be automated or sent manually.

#4. No Dependency on App Stores

OpenCart Progressive Web App is lightweight when compared to the usual mobile apps of Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Hence, they take up less memory and space on users’ devices & offer quick loading and performance. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App can be simply derived from the mobile version of the website and doesn’t have any dependency on App stores.

#5. Multi-lingual & RTL Support

All sorts of languages and currencies can be added to the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. It becomes very seamless to shop from the PWA Mobile App with the content in the desired languages. Even RTL (Right to left) scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, etc. will be supported on the mobile app.

#6. White Label Solution

The OpenCart PWA Mobile Apps built with this extension comes with complete branding of your business. The final Progressive Web App name, icon, color, splash screen, logo etc. will be as per your store core brand and value.

#7. All Payment and Shipping Methods

The OpenCart Progressive Web App supports all sorts of active payment and shipping methods running on the website. There isn’t any sort of extra integration is required for the same. Our OpenCart PWA Mobile App offers optimized web-view payment experience to mobile users.

#8. Real-time Synchronization

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App comes with real-time synchronization with the website inventory. The store admin doesn’t need to involve in any sort of manual effort in order to manage products/categories on the app. All web-inventory changes/new additions get automatically updated on the app.

#9. CMS Pages Display (About Us, Privacy Policy, etc.)

The website information or content pages can be added to the OpenCart PWA Mobile App effortlessly. Just choose from the list on the admin panel (Available pages on the website), and pages will be added in the navigation menu of the app.

#10. Quick Login and Product Sharing (Social Options)

The users of OpenCart Progressive Web App are allowed to share the products to multiple social channels from the product screen. Also, there comes inbuilt Google & Facebook login along with traditional Email signup and login options.

#11. One Page Checkout:

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart has simple yet effective checkout process. With all details and requirements in single screen, it becomes simpler to process your purchase from Progressive Web App.

#12. Order Status Update

Like inventory, the order data also remains synchronized between website and OpenCart PWA Mobile App. The users get to view the status of the order along with delivery information after placing the order.

#13. Compatible With All Devices

PWAs are compatible with every kind of mobile device irrespective of its operating system or screen size. Hence, a single PWA works flawlessly on both Android & iOS smartphones & tablets.

The benefits mentioned above are only some of the reasons why your OpenCart store would need a PWA. Apart from that, for eCommerce business can benefit a lot with their PWAs. These can instantly turn the mobile website visitors into app users without redirecting them to a time-consuming app installation (Play store / App Store). Progressive Web Apps get installed onto users’ devices in just a second or two.

Usually, eCommerce business has both their native apps and PWA simultaneously active on the app stores and on their mobile website. The netizens can download the ones they like better. This way eCommerce businesses get to be available on all possible platforms to cater to more customers.


For eCommerce businesses, it is high time to go mobile and with so many benefits a PWA provides, the reasons to launch a PWA becomes more obvious. OpenCart stores even have an added advantage of utilizing the OpenCart PWA Maker extension when it comes to launching a full-fledged eCommerce OpenCart PWA.

Wait no more and launch your own OpenCart PWA soon. Reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries or assistance.

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