The key features of the OpenCart Progressive Web App

Users are staying on their smartphones more and more with time. Whether they’re working on the same but toggling the eCommerce store in-between is what is majorly happening these days. In the entire scenario, smartphones play a major role and the eCommerce sector is what benefits by driving more sales. To connect with the eCommerce store, the users need a strong internet connection and that’s not possible while being in areas where the network isn’t too strong. Hence, the native apps are not what is the best bet here. When you talk about seamless working, the eCommerce Progressive Web App is what provides a better experience.

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart gives a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is an upgraded form of web apps and it is created by industry specialists. Users can utilize the mobile app offline and additionally get push notifications about the most recent offers and deals of the eCommerce store.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder by Knowband assists with improving the performance, security, availability, and SEO highlights of the eCommerce store.

Features of the OpenCart eCommerce PWA App

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is simple to use and lightweight

Perhaps the main favorable circumstance of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is that it offers effectively available mobile apps. The eCommerce Progressive Web App doesn’t have any reliance on the Google Play Store and App Store. The users can undoubtedly add the PWA app to their mobile screen while getting to the website on the mobile program. To add the mobile app to the home screen, the guest just needs to tap on the “Add to Home Screen” popup.
On the other hand, as the native apps are heavy (in terms of MB or GB) available on Google Play Store and App Store, the Progressive web app for OpenCart is lightweight.

The White Label

Each OpenCart store proprietor likes to dispatch the app under their brand name. Doing so helps in improving brand personality before mobile customers. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App Creator permits the store admin to dispatch the eCommerce app under their brand name. The store proprietor can likewise perform numerous progressions like adding a brand logo, app name, logo, picture, foundation tone, and so forth by getting to the admin end.

Dynamic Home Screen

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart permits the store admin to handily modify the home screen design with no coding needed. The store admin can change the look and the vibe of the Progressive Web App and make it more appealing to users. It gives an incredible user experience and makes the app more user-friendly. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App permits the store admin to arrange the whole home screen format and customize the same with images, slider/grid, and categories in the same.

The PWA for OpenCart is viable with all devices

Online customers will be utilizing diverse mobile telephones and each eCommerce business needs to build up a shopping app that works consistently with each gadget, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. The OpenCart PWA eCommerce Mobile App is viable with each platform and working framework. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator runs easily on each platform and gives an incredible user experience.

Highlighted product listing

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker causes the store admin to expand sales and generate more traffic from mobile. The store admin can add included products and feature them like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Most Viewed, and so forth on the home screen of the mobile app.

OpenCart eCommerce PWA App has simple log-in options (Social login)

Customers hate taking an interest in a protracted sign-in or registration process. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App permits users to enlist or login into the progressive app with a single tick. The store admin can integrate social login alternatives, for example, Facebook and Google from the back-end. The eCommerce store owner can permit users to enroll in the eCommerce app with an email address too.

Multilingual and Currency support

Presently, eCommerce businesses are expanding worldwide, yet the language is a major obstruction out there. Numerous eCommerce businesses can’t prevail in the global market because of language obstruction. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator underpins all worldwide and provincial languages with the most mentioned RTL languages to kill that obstruction. The users of the mobile app need to choose the language and the app consequently converts into the ideal language. All the monetary forms accessible on the eCommerce website will auto-integrate into the PWA app. The store admin of OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App Builder can likewise add more monetary forms to the app.

All payment and shipping support

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Mobile App creator bolsters all the payment and shipping choices accessible on the eCommerce website. The store admin can likewise incorporate greater payment and transportation choices from the backend of the progressive app. It permits users to pick the best payment and delivery alternative.

Single Page Checkout

Customers hate it when they have to fill lengthy forms to buy what they’ve put in their cart, the hard work of finding the product, and getting to the checkout page. When they find the checkout page to be lengthy with numerous boxes to be filled that don’t matter, they abandoned the cart and the website. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator permits users to just fill in the essential information to finish the exchanges. This element gives exchange ease to the customers and generates higher conversions for the eCommerce app.

PWA for OpenCart features Real-time synchronization

The Progressive Web App for OpenCart permits the store admin to synchronize the eCommerce app with products and stock of the eCommerce store. Thus, If the store admin performs any activity on the eCommerce store stock, it will reflect in the shopping app continuously. This component of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App maker is acquainted with taking out the issue of manual intercession by the admin.

eCommerce Progressive Web App allows limitless Push Notifications

A push notification highlight is an extraordinary tool for marketing and advancement for some businesses. Customers will in general shop more on the off chance that they get notifications on their mobile screens. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder comprises the push notification usefulness. The store admin can send the notification to the customers in any event, when they are not utilizing the app. The store can use the push notification to feature current eCommerce app refreshes about offers, abandoned carts, and so forth. As the OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker permits the store admin to physically or naturally send the notification from the admin board.

Order tracking updates

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App permits customers to monitor their recently positioned orders. The order tracking update highlight provides continuous order announcements to its customers using push notifications and customers can check the status in the eCommerce Progressive Web App also.

Supports offline mode

It is hard for customers to have consistent access to native apps when they have moderate web connection issues. This issue can severely affect mobile app sales. The OpenCart Progressive Web App accompanies the arrangement by giving offline access to the customers. Presently customers can undoubtedly get the products in the app when they are having a minimal or no internet connection.

Improves SEO ranking

The eCommerce apps are SEO friendly, the web crawler considers PWA apps as a website and files them. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker assists with improving positioning with the search engine. Moreover, Native apps don’t get ordered so it doesn’t influence the eCommerce store SEO. The store admin can help the positioning of the shopping app in SERP by utilizing viable SEO strategies.


There are numerous ways from which OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder can become your eCommerce business. KnowBand OpenCart module can transform an online eCommerce website into the Opencart PWA mobile app.

There is also one prominent solution for launching Android and iOS mobile apps for OpenCart. The eCommerce merchants can simply own a pair of featured Android and iOS apps and get them published on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With the pre-popular app stores, the store admin can easily persuade users to install the app and make purchases. The native eCommerce Mobile App Builder is also available for Magento 2 and PrestaShop platforms.

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