Top Notch Features Of Your OpenCart PWA Mobile App

OpenCart has been one of the first choices of eCommerce business owners when it comes to selecting an effective medium to launch an eCommerce website or mobile app. Now, a new kind of mobile application is helping the eCommerce businesses thrive in surrounding competition. It’s the OpenCart Progressive Web Apps. In fact, building and launching an OpenCart PWA Mobile App is far more convenient, less time consuming & yet very cost effective.

With the use of OpenCart PWA Mobile App builder extension by KnowBand, OpenCart store owners from anywhere in the world can build and launch their own eCommerce PWA without the need for coding.

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This OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is an automated tool that build a well-synchronized customizable Progressive Web App configurable from the admin panel. This extension offers a ton of features to the business as well as to the app users on the front end of the OpenCart PWA.

Here are some of the prominent features present in OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

#1. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

The eCommerce OpenCart PWA Mobile App built using this extension support multiple languages by default. The app users can select their preferred languages from the navigation menu. Similarly, currency selection option is also available on the Progressive Web App. The store admin can even add more languages and currencies based on their business needs.

#2. Fully Customizable:

The OpenCart Progressive Web Apps, built using ready made extension are fully customizable by their respective store owners. The merchant can add their unique app logo, app name, splash screen, theme, colors, fonts, etc. These can be added/ edited/ selected from the back-end panel of OpenCart PWA maker extension.

#3. Personalized Push Notifications:

Push Notifications are the catalyst for re-engagement in eCommerce Mobile Apps. They are received directly on the user’s mobile device if the app is installed. With OpenCart Mobile Apps, store owners can send an unlimited number of Push Notifications. Add desired text, graphics and even redirection links to the push notifications as per the promotional or sale strategy.

#4. DIY Home Page Editor:

From the back-end of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App extension, store admin get to edit and re-design the home page of their Progressive Web App. The merchant can use desired banners, sliders and even countdown timer banners in many interactive ways and offer a compelling home screen for OpenCart PWA. Multiple home page layouts can be designed and any one can be enabled at a time.

#5. Social Login & Social Sharing:

On-boarding the PWA Mobile App is made easier with quick Facebook & Google login options. Also, the Progressive Web App users can share their favorite products from the store directly to any/all social media platforms.

#6. Offline Accessibility:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App supports offline browsing. Thanks to data caching, app users can access the previously viewed pages of their PWA when they are offline (no internet connection).

#7. Live Synchronization:

This feature keeps the OpenCart PWA Mobile App sync with the website inventory. Automatic inventory management on the OpenCart Progressive Web App reduces the manual efforts for store owners. Also, synchronization keeps all the payment & shipping methods of the website active on the OpenCart PWA as well.

#8. One-Page Checkout:

A simplified checkout page is available on the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder. This makes the checkout process easier and less time consuming for the app users and this naturally helps to increase the conversions and decrease the cart abandonment rate.

#9. Order Tracking:

This feature provides the app users with the access to track their order on the PWA. App users also receive push notifications about the status of their active orders in the form of push notifications.

Wrap Up

A lot more features are available in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder extension. Try out its demo & get prepared to launch your new OpenCart PWA Mobile App soon. Reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries or assistance.

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