Major Reasons To Launch Progressive Web App For Your OpenCart Store

For eCommerce businesses, having their own Mobile App is a huge deal because of the ever-changing market trends. More & more people are using mobile devices now than any other device. Especially, smartphones have become the best platform for online businesses to remain available for wide range of audience. A new kind of mobile application has emerged in 2015, the Progressive Web Apps, & its taking over the internet already. Because of its features, OpenCart PWA Mobile App is becoming more popular among netizens & even online businesses.

Let’s first take a brief look at what PWA Mobile Apps are & then let’s get to the main reasons why you should launch a PWA Mobile App for your OpenCart Store.

Brief Introduction About Progressive Web Apps:


Progressive Web Apps are web applications that appear to work like mobile apps. Because of this, PWA Mobile Apps are not dependent on the operating system i.e. Android & iOS. This makes the PWAs compatible with multiple devices.

Progressive Web Apps don’t have to be published on Google Play Store & Apple App store. Mobile website visitors can simply click the ‘Add-To-Home Screen’ (displayed on the PWA active mobile website) to install the PWA on their mobile device in just a second.

Quick tour of OpenCart Progressive Web App:

Few other reasons that make Progressive Web Apps amazing are the facts that PWAs support Offline Mode browsing, these web apps are very lightweight which makes it have faster load time & also consumes less space on users’ devices.

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The best thing is that OpenCart store owners can easily & affordably launch a PWA for their existing OpenCart website. This is done by using the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder extension on the website. This extension is an automated solution that builds a customizable eCommerce PWA for an OpenCart store. Let’s take a look at its features to understand it more.

Potent Features Of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder:


1. Customizable Home Screen

The home screen of OpenCart PWA Mobile Apps is completely dynamic and fully configurable from the admin panel. Make changes on your live OpenCart Progressive Web App anytime. Just add required banners, images, products etc. and adjust via drag-drop editor. The color, logo, fonts etc. can also be changed anytime.

2. Offline Working

No internet, no problem. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App got it handled for your users. With offline working compatibility, the users can simply browse the pre-loaded screens and content with ease.

3. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support

The OpenCart Progressive Web App built using this extension give an added advantage to store owners & app users with support for multiple international currencies & languages. Also, the RTL scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian etc. will work fine on the OpenCart PWA Mobile App.

4. Automatic Inventory Update

This feature is responsible to keep the OpenCart PWA & website in complete synchronization with each other. In simple words, there won’t be any requirement to manage the app inventory separately. All changes in website inventory will be automatically reflected on the apps on its own.

5. Unlimited Push Notifications:

This OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder applies no limitations on the store owners when it comes to sending Push Notifications to the app users. The custom and automated push notifications helps in improving engagement with the app users keeping the conversions on the rise.

6. All Payment & Shipment Methods:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App support all sorts of payment & shipping methods available on the OpenCart website. There is no need of any sort of additional integration for the same. Also, the store owners can even more payment options on their app such as e-wallets, etc. if required.

7. Admin Friendly Panel:

Because OpenCart PWA builder is a white-label solution, store owners are provided complete control over their OpenCart Progressive Web App. The store admin can customize the PWA without any coding requirement. Many customization options are provided on the admin panel & all of them are really easy-to-use. App icon, app name, background color, etc. can also be changed as per requirements.

Banners, sliders, grid view banners, recently viewed product blocks, & even countdown timer banners can be added & edited to design the Homepage of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. A preview is also shown reflecting all the changes instantly.

Explore more features in detail from here.

Wrapping Up:

Progressive Web Apps have already proved to be a very useful tool and gained enough popularity and attention in the eCommerce industry. When it comes to reliable & engaging eCommerce mobile applications, the PWA Mobile App are kind of by passing other options.

For instance, take a look at the performance of PWA Mobile apps of Trivago, Alibaba, Lancome, Flipkart, Starbucks, etc. the exponential growth in their sales/ conversions/ engagement clearly justify the need.

So, it’s your time to launch your own OpenCart PWA Mobile App. We have got you all covered with our OpenCart PWA extension. Now, get ready to thrive and drop your queries at [email protected], if any.

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