OpenCart PWA: Boost Sales Of Your eCommerce Store

As per the current statistics, we all can agree to the fact that nowadays customers are spending a lot more time on mobile devices. The users are preferring to browse the eCommerce mobile apps more than desktop websites. Easy internet availability and the increased demand for mobile apps have led the eCommerce shift to Mobile Commerce. Having a featured mobile app can benefit the store admin and make a smooth selling process. But it can be a challenging task for the eCommerce merchant to develop a mobile app on its own. Moreover, The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is one of the best possible solutions to launch a featured Progressive Web App for your business. The PWA Mobile App is designed in a way to boost the mobile conversions for eCommerce stores. 

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1. Branded Apps & Easy Customization:  

The OpenCart Progressive Web App allows the store admin to add a brand logo, name, banner, image, splash screen, etc in the shopping app. A DIY editor can also be used to update and alter the entire home screen layout, banner, colors and fonts, images, etc. The modifications done in the admin panel will be reflected on the Progressive Web App in run time.

2. Email and Social Login- 

The users may sign up for the PWA mobile app by email address or using their social media accounts such as Facebook and Google. The OpenCart PWA App Builder gives quick access  to customers and generates more trust and reliability. 

3. All languages, Payment and Shipping Methods Support- 

The customers often abandon the cart on the mobile app due to limited shipping and payment options. But, this is no longer an issue with PWA mobile apps. So, All website languages, payments, and shipping methods will be actively functioning on the eCommerce mobile app. The OpenCart PWA App Maker also supports the RTL languages and currencies available on the eCommerce store. 

4. Easy Checkout-

Customers avoid filling out lengthy forms and unnecessary details while shopping online and forcing them to do so will increase the cart abandonment rate. Moreover, users can only fill in a few details with the OpenCart PWA App and complete the purchase quickly. The users will find it easier to complete transactions with simplified one-page checkout which will result in higher conversions for the eCommerce mobile app.

5. Real-Time Synchronization –

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App helps the store admin to synchronize the Progressive Web App with the entire eCommerce store’s products and inventory. As a result, any change/update done by the store owner on the eCommerce store inventory will be reflected on the shopping app in real-time. 

6. Offline Usage –

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App consists of a preloaded cache to give seamless access to the users in offline mode. So, the Progressive Web App fetches the mobile app data automatically without reliable internet connectivity and helps in smooth browsing and usage. 

7. Unlimited Push Notifications –

The eCommerce PWA Mobile app allows store owners to customize and send an unlimited number of push notifications. Thus, the OpenCart eCommerce PWA App allows the store merchant to send push notifications to the app users automatically or manually from the admin panel.


Hence, converting the online eCommerce website into a PWA Mobile App to provide a seamless shopping experience for mobile visitors could be the game-changer move. Moreover, the Progressive Web Apps are highly interactive and can be launched directly from the website itself. It also delivers push notifications to customers about the latest offers, updates, and discount deals. This is an excellent example of technological innovation with a lot of room for future growth. To know more about it, send us an email at [email protected]

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