The OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband

The OpenCart back-in-stock extension from Knowband is an absolute necessity have. It is, indeed, an advantageous tool for administrators as well as clients. Besides, the Opencart product stock notification module performs an interesting reason. It makes it more straightforward for the administrator to convey alert messages. Clients are additionally told through email when things are back in stock. Also, the administrator can convey low-inventory messages. When clients get the notification, they will want to effortlessly return and buy the things they subscribed for.

The OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband logo

In this blog, we’ll look at the Opencart back-in-stock notification extension in its entirety. Knowband also offers an OpenCart Stock Alert module. Now, let’s take a closer look at the plugin.

The Opencart back in stock extension Characteristics

The OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband

When the product is back in stock, buyers will be notified

When an item is back in stock, customers are notified. Back-in-stock and low-stock notifications, for example, for the items they’ve purchased.

The membership list’s products are likely to modification at any moment

Clients can view and change their Subscribed rundown using the OpenCart stock alert plugin. They can, for example, opt-out of hearing about a product they don’t want to know about.

When there is a supply shortage, purchasers are notified

The product stock notification extension for Opencart allows the owner to broadcast low stock alerts. In reality, he can do so by choosing the number of items for which a membership has been purchased.

The look of the notification bar is changeable

The alert box’s appearance and feel can be changed at any time. The admin can, in fact, change the fashionable look, line tone, text style tone, and various elements.

Email format that is changeable

The OpenCart Back in Stock Extension by Knowband email settings

In a few languages, the owner can swiftly adjust the email layout’s heading. This is a great time to send a low-inventory notification through the mail.

Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and SendInBlue Integration are all available

For email branding purposes, the admin can combine Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and SendInBlue email records.

The membership list is available in CSV format for download

Using the Knowband Opencart back stock extension, the administrator can obtain the endorsement list. Furthermore, he can do it using a CSV file.

The Opencart back in stock module is compatible with a variety of platforms

The Back in Stock Notification extension for Opencart comes with several features. Only a few examples are versatile response, a broad range of subjects, SSL consistency, multi-store, and multi-lingual similarity.

The benefits that OpenCart Stock Alert Extension offers to merchants

  • The product that clients had requested is now available. Additionally, the OpenCart plugin notifies them by email.
  • The store owner can now choose whether or not the Privacy Policy should be shown at the front. He can, in fact, alter the terminology of the protection plan to fit his requirements.
  • The shop administrator can additionally notify customers of low stock alerts using the back in stock extension.
  • Knowband’s module assists the store’s administrator in rising upcoming deals by delivering alerts and urging clients to revisit.

The benefits of the back in stock notification extension for customers

  1. Customers will very certainly be able to add items to their membership list and be notified when they are refilled. They’ll want to complete the arrangement at that time.
  2. With the help of the OpenCart plugin, customers can quickly view and amend their membership list.
  3. Customers can utilize the OpenCart Back in Stock Notification plugin to take action before the stockpile runs out.


In this case, the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension is for you if you require your customers to return and browse for goods that are now not unavailable. You can likewise enable them to change their subscription list without much of a stretch utilizing the extension. As a result, if you have any questions concerning the module, please contact us at [email protected].


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