These OpenCart Extensions help increase sales on an Online Marketplace

Every business works for increasing sales and generating more revenues. It is by far the most basic and important objective of having an online business. We’ll be talking about the OpenCart extensions that help increase sales on an online marketplace. However, before that, you should know the ways that you can help boost your sales on any online marketplace.

How to boost sales on an Online Marketplace?

1. With high-quality images with a good description

Online shopping is all about how you convince the shoppers of what you’re offering. With no way to touch and feel the products, it is your responsibility to add images that will give the closet feeling to them. High-quality images of the products from every angle provide a good sense of understanding to the customers.

In addition to the images, the feeling of an actual product is also given by a good description. For complex products, you need to describe every single aspect of the product. In some cases, adding a video on the product page can also be helpful.

2. Always make categories and segregate products on the marketplace

You don’t want your customers to keep searching your products and not find them. The truth is, with so many sellers on the marketplace, your products can get lost. Further, this happens when you don’t categorize them in the right categories. Hence, if you want your products to show when customers click on different categories, make sure you categorize them from your end.

3. Provide impeccable customer service

You have to earn customers and that only happens when you provide them what they’re looking for. Well, that is said for the products but here, it is about the service you provide. When you provide the best customer service, you will earn loyal customers. Furthermore, the customers will give honest reviews about your products. In addition, will spread the word too.

OpenCart Extensions for increased sales on an Online Marketplace

OpenCart Etsy Integration

The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration is a perfect option for you when you want to sell on the craftsy marketplace. Well, by craftsy, I mean Etsy is one of the best marketplaces if you want to sell and buy crafts. In 2020, 4.3 million sellers sold products on the platform. Now you certainly know how popular and in-demand the marketplace is.

OpenCart Etsy Integration

With the help of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration, you can easily start selling on the marketplace. The OpenCart extension is all about helping you register on the platform, creating profiles (as many as you want to), selling on different Etsy shops, and more. The OpenCart Etsy Connector is an absolutely stunning module to help you do everything from your store without going to the marketplace.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

When at the end of 2020 the active shoppers were calculated, eBay had a whopping number of 185million. In addition, which was 11 million more than it was in 2019. Why wouldn’t you want to sell your products on such a platform? The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module helps you handle the entire process of registering and selling on the platform.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

The eBay OpenCart Integration not only integrates your store on eBay but also lets you handle everything without any hassle. When you introduce the module, you can design equivalent to per the need of your business. Beginning from managing the eBay listings, the eBay OpenCart Connector helps you manage – sales, orders, shipping support, returns, and significantly more. The OpenCart Extension assists you with selling on a marketplace effortlessly. You can undoubtedly handle and manage everything from the back-end of the module.

Walmart OpenCart Integration Extension

Every marketer has heard the name Walmart and has wanted to sell on the platform. It is the world’s most popular retail chain after Amazon. When it came online, sellers became all the happier. If you are someone who wants to be a part of, the OpenCart Walmart Integration Extension will help you.

Walmart OpenCart Integration Extension

With the help of the Walmart OpenCart Connector, you can easily take your business into the marketplace. The entire process is seamless and helps you increase sales on an online marketplace. The OpenCart Walmart Integrator allows you to upload bulk products, manage the inventory and do a lot more.

In the End

All the above-mentioned options are made to help you generate more sales on an online marketplace. In addition, you can attract a lot of customers, increase your customer base and generate a lot more revenues. With all the features of these OpenCart extensions, these are absolutely a must-have for your eCommerce business.

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