OpenCart PWA is Beneficial for eCommerce, Do You Know Why?

It is important for every eCommerce business organization to increase its sales and revenue to sustain itself in the market. It can be done by targeting a large number of customers. So, It became necessary for very eCommerce businesses to adapt themselves according to the current technology changes and cater to the needs of the costumes.

If you are looking forward to creating the eCommerce app for your store then OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder is a great choice to go with. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder consists of a wide range of features that is very much beneficial to achieve your business goals and objectives. 

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is a cross-platform web application that provides a native app-like experience to the users. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App also allows users to receive push notifications that give updates about current offers and discounts available on the eCommerce store. The offline access is also there in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker that allows the users to access the mobile app even if they are offline. 

Knowband is one of the top brands in the eCommerce market that is known for developing eCommerce plugins. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator by Knowband gives you all the benefits of the shopping app without implementing coding knowledge into it. 

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Benefits of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator-

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder lets you enjoy all the benefits of the PWA app by including all the important features that help in the growth of the eCommerce business. This is the list of some benefits that you can obtain by integrating the mobile app into your eCommerce store.

1. White label solutions-

In order to maintain the reputation of the eCommerce store, branding is necessary. The Mobile App for OpenCart PWA allows the store owners to launch the eCommerce app under their brand name. The white-label solution features also allow the store admin to perform some changes like the brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. from the admin panel of the shopping app.

2. Dynamic Home Screen –

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart allows the store admin to easily customize the home screen layout without any coding knowledge. The store admin can change the look and the feel of the Progressive App and make it more interactive to users. It provides a great user experience and makes the PWA app more user-friendly. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to configure the entire home screen layout and include its own banner, images, categories in it. The home screen design can be changed anytime in live apps. 

3. Easy to Access –

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store consists of a lengthy and difficult approval process. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder consists of no dependency on Google Play Store and App Store so it can be easily accessible by the mobile apps. The customer has to click on the “Add to home screen” popup while accessing the eCommerce store then the mobile app will automatically get added to the home screen of the mobile phone. 

4. Compatible With All Devices and lightweight –

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker is easily compatible with all the platforms, devices, and operating systems whether it is Android or iOS and mobile or tablet. The eCommerce app works seamlessly and gives a great user experience.  Unlike native apps, Shopping apps do not require much space in the user’s mobile phone and customers do not need to download the heavy apps from the Play and App store. The progressive apps require very less storage space because it is platform-independent. 

5. Easy Log-In Options –

To eliminate the engagement of hectic and lengthy registration process, the OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App comes with the feature of easy login and registration option. The PWA app allows the users to register or login with a single click. The social login and registration options such as Facebook and Google and email options can easily be enabled in the mobile app. 

6. Featured Product Listing –

To generate more traffic and engagement on the product page the store admin users the feature of the featured product listing. In the OpenCart PWA Mobile App, store admin can highlight and add featured products like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, etc. on the home screen of the PWA app. 

7. Multilingual and Currency Support-

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to target the customers of other countries also. That enhances its reach and eliminates the language barrier. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder supports all the global, regional, and international languages and comes along with the RTL support. The store admin can include all the available language in the eCommerce website into the shopping app by OpenCart PWA Mobile App creator. The currencies can also be supported by the eCommerce app available on the eCommerce website. 

8. All Payment & Shipping Support-

There are multiple payment and shipping option available in the market and every user have their preference towards the payment method. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App maker supports all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website. The payment and shipping option can also get included in the progressive app from the eCommerce store and allow users to choose the desired payment and shipping options. 

9. One Page Checkout –

No one likes to fill up unwanted information especially while shopping online. Eliminating this issue will give transaction ease to the customers and improves the conversion rates. In the Mobile App for OpenCart PWA, users only have to fill in the necessary information to complete the transactions and this can decrease the cart abandonment rate.

10. Real-Time Synchronization-

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder helps the PWA app to fully synchronize the data and the product inventory with eCommerce stores. If any changes are performed by the store admin in the eCommerce store product inventory then it will get automatically reflected in the mobile app in real-time. The store admin does not have to manually interrupt to perform any changes. 

11. Push Notifications –

To perform effective marketing and promotion activities it is necessary to have push notifications feature in the eCommerce app. The push notification is sent to the users on the mobile screen and persuades them to purchase more. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker consists of push notification features that give updates about current offers,  discounts abandoned carts, etc. to the customers. The store admin can send manual notifications as well as automatic notifications.

12. Order Status Updates –

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator consists of an orders status feature that gives real-time order status updates to its customers. The order updates can be given through push notifications and customers can also check the status in the shopping app as well. It allows the customer to keep a track record of their previously placed orders. 

13. Supports Offline Mode –

To get seamless and proper access while having internet issues is very much difficult to get. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App provides a seamless shopping experience to the customers even when they are facing internet issues. Its offline features allow the customers to access the mobile app and fetch the products that were previously loaded when they are having an internet connection. 

14. Enhances SEO Ranking-

SEO is an important factor to consider to boost the ranking of the progressive app because the search engine considers PWA apps as a website and indexes them. The OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App can get a better ranking with the search engine if the store admin follows the proper SEO techniques. 


There are multiple benefits of using the OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder in your eCommerce store. The mobile app consists of various features that will boost your eCommerce business growth and improve sales. The features mentioned above are adopted by Knowband to provide improved performance and benefit your eCommerce store. To know more you can email us at [email protected]

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