How OpenCart PWA Mobile App can benefit eCommerce business?

Mobile apps are turning tides these days in the eCommerce landscape. Not just the Android and iOS apps but also the Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Progressive Web Apps first came into existence in 2015 and since then their popularity and usage has grown exponentially among the app users and the eCommerce businesses.

Now a days majority of OpenCart store merchants are somewhere looking forward to launch shopping apps for their store. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is a top-notch solution for such requirements. The web app will work like any other app and can be directly installed from mobile version of websites.

How OpenCart PWA Mobile App Works?

Once any eCommerce store is converted into PWA (Progressive Mobile App), the mobile visitors can easily download the app. All they need to do is to tap on “Add To Home Screen“. No need to publish OpenCart Mobile App on any of the app stores.

3 steps to launch OpenCart PWA:

Step 1: Purchase Extension:

Step 2: Share prerequisite form to set up PWA.

Step 3: Review final PWA and make it live.

Major Advantages of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator:

Some of the benefits offered by a PWA to eCommerce businesses are listed below:

1. Enhanced Mobile Audience Reach

The eCommerce PWA app for OpenCart can be core source of new traffic, leads and conversions. Instead of just targeting the website users, the store admin gets to target local as well as regional mobile users via PWA. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker supports worldwide languages and currency which makes the browsing and shopping pretty seamless. The best part is whoever opens the store URL on mobile browser can get to add PWA on home screen irrespective of the country or location.

2. Improved Shopping Experience

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App has all the basic and advanced ingredients of hassle-free shopping channel. Be it for quick social login or layered navigation with simplified checkout, the Progressive Web App covers them all. Being lightweight and less size, the app never crashes or lags.

3. Easy Marketing & Promotional Tool

With inbuilt potent push notifications, the store admin gets to send daily deals, monthly sale, festive offers etc. push notifications to mobile users. The users who are using OpenCart PWA Mobile App will receive the same and get motivated to make purchase. The template, image, redirection link etc. can be configured from the admin panel of module. The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart also support website coupons and vouchers as well.

4. Real-time Inventory Update

The eCommerce website inventory gets automatically fetched on OpenCart Progressive Web App. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator won’t let the store admin to rework on adding inventory on the app. Rather, the entire categories, products, CMS pages etc. will remain 100% sync with the application automatically. Also, new changes/updates made in the inventory will be instantly updated on the app.

5. Complete Admin Panel Control

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App comes with friendly admin panel control allowing the store admin. From home page design of OpenCart Progressive Web App to all other major settings can be configured as per the business. The changes made from the admin panel will be reflected automatically on the live app.


Building and managing Progressive Web App using OpenCart PWA Maker extension is the most cost effective & time efficient. Feel free to check demo of the OpenCart PWA and its admin panel to know more. For any queries or assistance, please drop your email at [email protected].

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