Opencart Private Shop Extension Significance for Online Webstores

The Opencart Private Shop extension is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to interact with website visitors online. Moreover, with the help of the Opencart Private shop plugin, users log in and view specific parts of the online store. The website uses a number of different approaches to invite users to register an account. Also, the owner of an online store alters it and creates a one-of-a-kind, customized webstore by using this plugin.

Opencart Private Shop Extension Significance for Online Webstores

Nowadays, many online stores require account creation before allowing clients to browse the website or make any purchases. Further, to safeguard a website and keep it safe from unwanted users, the websites employ the Opencart private shop plugin. Consequently, a wide range of software developers now offers login security. Utilizing the Opencart Private shop module allows for this. Every single one of them appears to rely only on the login security of the website.

The choice of how safe and easily navigable a website is left to the store owner. This is achieved with Knowband’s Opencart Private Shop Extension. When deciding which Categories, Products, Pages, and IPs to grant access to, the shop administrator has a choice of options. Also, the shop owner is able to grant access to the customer for some parts of the store.

The following are the main features of the Opencart Private Shop Extension:

Access for clients is limited: Using the Opencart Private Shop module, a website’s specific page, item, or category of the site, is completely made private.

Customer’s benefit of joining: The use of this plugin allows users who have registered on the site to quickly browse the Private Shop.

Admin interface: This Opencart Private Shop extension comes with a variety of helpful feature for customizing the admin interface.

Design: The shop owner has the ability to modify the login and registration form designs using the admin interface.

Position of the login and registration forms: Using the Private Shop module, the admin relocates the forms to the left, right, top, or bottom of the page.

Opencart Private Shop Extension admin demo

Login/signup page title: The owner of an online business uses this plugin to choose the login/signup page title in a variety of languages.

Login/signup form logo: The sign-up or login form’s logo using the Opencart Private Shop, the admin selects whether to display the form.

Opencart Private Shop Extension settings by knowband

Verification of account: Account verification is possible either manually or automatically by the store administrator.

Personalized CSS and JS: The Opencart private shop extension allows the use of unique CSS and JS code for even more personalization.

Access to IP:

Using this plugin, the website’s main page is only accessible from a specific range of IP addresses.

Opencart Private Shop Extension access settings

Making some features private: Using the Opencart Private Shop module, the shop admin makes specific products, categories, and pages private.

Monitoring of customers: The module allows the store owner to review and maintain track of the confidential client information.

Support for several languages and responsiveness on mobile devices: The Opencart Private shop extension is suitable for stores that offer products in multiple languages. Further, it supports multiple languages and is responsive on mobile devices.

Support for multiple stores and SSL compatibility: Support for numerous stores and compliance with SSL are features of the Opencart Private Store.

Why store owners should use the Opencart Private Shop Extension

  • With the help of the Private shop plugin, the admin quickly approves a customer’s registration, either automatically or manually.
  • An admin chooses to reveal or hide the frontend interface for the new user registration form at any moment.
  • Store owner enables Google Crawl functionality for their online store through the use of the Opencart Private Shop. When the owner of a website gives Google permission to index it, it will appear in searches.
  • The Opencart Private Shop Extension enables the website administrator to quickly place limitations on particular pages. 

The following are some of the expansion’s features that will be helpful to online shoppers:

  • Users quickly access the restricted products and sites after logging in or registering on the website.
  • The Opencart Private shop extension’s mobile-responsive layout allows users of mobile devices and tablets to visit the store.
  • When customers use the simple and attractive front user interface of a private shop, they love their shopping experience.

Contact us at [email protected] if you require any special adjustments or modifications to the module to suit your business needs. If you have any questions about this extension, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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